Saturday, June 29, 2019

New Hampshire Legislator Changes Registration from Republican to Libertarian

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On June 28, New Hampshire Representative Max Abramson of Seabrook said he is changing his registration from Republican to Libertarian. He had made a similar change in May 2016. While he was in the legislature then, he changed from Republican to Libertarian, but did not run for re-election. Instead he became the Libertarian nominee for Governor in 2016. He polled enough votes to give the Libertarian Party qualified status, which lasted until the 2018 election.
Some time afterwards, he changed his registration back to Republican, and was elected to the House again in 2018, as one of the three Republican representatives from the Rockingham 20 district.
He now says he had given the Republican Party one more chance to show that it is a small government party, but that the 2019 session of the legislature has disillusioned him about the Republican Party.

Friday, June 28, 2019

New Oklahoma Registration Tally

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The number of registered voters in Oklahoma, as of June 27, is: Republican 987,570; Democratic 736,793; Libertarian 10,075; independent and other 318,730.
The percentages are: Republican 48.10%; Democratic 35.89%; Libertarian .49%; independent and other 15.52%.
The percentages just before the November 2018 election were: Republican 47.33%; Democratic 36.83%; Libertarian .40%; independent and other 15.44%.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Voter Registration Tally for Utah

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The Utah Elections Division posted a new registration tally on June 18, 2019. See the totals here. The percentages are: Republican 47.24%; Democratic 12.88%; Independent American 2.77%; Libertarian 1.06%; Constitution .37%; Green .12%; United Utah .11%; independent and other 35.44%.
Just prior to the 2018 general election, the percentages were: Republican 48.33%; Democratic 12.51%; Independent American 2.30%; Libertarian .95%; Constitution .36%; Green .09%; United Utah .08%; independent and other 35.39%

Libertarian Elected to Rapid City, South Dakota Board of Aldermen

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On June 25, Lance Lehmann, a registered Libertarian, was elected to the Board of Aldermen in Rapid City, South Dakota.  He had placed first on June 4, but no one had a majority on that day, so a runoff was held three weeks later, which Lehmann won.

New Nebraska Voter Registration Tally

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The Nebraska Secretary of State has a new voter registration tally.  The percentages are:  Republican 47.94%; Democratic 29.51%; Libertarian 1.25%; independents and others 21.30%.
Just prior to the November 2018 election, the percentages were:  Republican 47.96%; Democratic 29.55%; Libertarian 1.17%; independents and others 21.32%.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Adam Kokesh on The Public Space

Adam Kokesh with Judge Napolitano on Kennedy - Fox Business

Adam Kokesh: Localization is the cure for polarization

The Tom Woods Show Ep. 1431 The Mises Caucus and the Tenth Amendment Center, Teaming Up Against the Bad Guys

Trouble In The Constitution Party: CPVA State Chair Talks About What Lead To Vote Of Disaffiliation

As stated by CPVA State Chair, John Bloom-
"In November I attended my first and last National Constitution Party Committee Meeting and left the meeting after they voted down a resolution in support of using Technology like the Internet, live streaming, Zoom or Free Conference Call to allow increased participation across the country, and the voted a resolution requiring people to be present at a National Committee Meeting in person in order to have a vote to change the CP bylaws. It cost me $1,000 to attend one of these NCMs and they have TWO WORTHLESS NCMs a year. 
"The very next day forme National CP Communications Director Gary Welch informed about Frank Fluckiger's action in removing the Chair of the Constitution Party of South Dakota and replacing her with Lora Hubble a REPUBLICAN. I was furious I spent $1,000 and corrupt actions by the CP National Chairman was not even mentioned, to me it was a COVER-UP. 
Voter registration form filled out by Lora Hubble

"Upon my return I contacted Lori Stacey, examined the information and invited Lori to address the CPV State Central Committee, NOT to take sides, but to warn members how Frank used the CP of South Dakota Vice-Chairman, Joel Bergan, to undermine her and the CPSD.   
"Ironically Frank used Paul Provance, the Treasurer of the CPV and Trent Corbett a FORMER CPV Vice-Chairman who RESIGNED a week or two earlier, to set up a bogus Conference Call which was in December 2018 several months after Frank's "apology" letter, which he stated that the National CP is prohibited from getting involved in internal affairs of a State Organization, which not only had National Chairman Frank Fluckiger, but the Vice-Chairman Doug Aden and National Secretary Cindy Redburn and they had Lora Hubble and Matt Johnson present their side of the "story", which Paul wanted to hear. The meeting was recorded by CP Southern Regional Chairman Ricardo Davis. Frank and his other co-conspirators did not receive any discipline by the National CP, just COVERED-UP their ILLEGAL ACTIVITY of ELECTION FRAUD. One member of the CPV SCC was led to believe that somehow the events in SD were related to the State assessment, which I paid last year and refused to pay this year. Someone lied to her about the meeting, and I do not know who, but I know it was not me. 
"So Lori's warning about Frank using members of a State Organization undermined my leadership and at the same time was a BLATANT VIOLATION of the National CP Bylaws and Constitution from having the National CP getting involved in the affairs of a state organization.   
"As a result of Paul's action, I had to reschedule a Conference Call in December to early January, where I was invited to speak at the Virginia Citizens Defense League Rally in Richmond, though it was 17 degrees, that delay cost us participation at that event. The person that caused me to delay the Conference Call wound up leaving the CP over this. Paul shows no signs of any CONTRITION or regret in his actions. I isolated the FLUCKIGER CANCER and stopped it's growth here in Virginia. 
"As the late Paul Harvey would say, "Now you know the rest of the story". This is what happens to honest people that dare enter politics, TRUST NO ONE!
* * *  
"Yesterday the Constitution Party of Virginia voted to disassociate from the National Constitution Party, Press Release and meeting minutes enclosed.
"I learned something new yesterday. The person that cast the deciding vote was a man who was with me from the beginning and voted for the CPV Bylaws but was his first CPV SCC Conference Call he participated in.
"After the vote was over he asked about what happened in South Dakota, and I told him, and then Paul Provance jumped in and mentioned Frank's letter of "apology" and then admitted he worked with the Former Vice-Chairman Trent Corbett to set up the bogus CPV SCC Conference Call. Then he kept on mentioning Frank's "apology" letter which I shared my screen and read the letter in which Frank stated that the CP Bylaws and CP Constitution prohibit the National Party to even be involved in State Party organizations. This Conference Call that Ricardo recorded was about four months after this letter, and not only was Frank involved, but so were Vice-Chairman Doug Aden and Secretary Cindy Redburn and they had the opposition organization present their case. There can be no more blatant violation of the CP Bylaws and Constitution. Paul continued to advance the lie that it was not a violation of those documents, and pointed out to him the involvement of THREE members of the National CP Executive Committee.   
"Paul also told me he did not betray me, or the CPV by going behind my back and helping schedule a meeting I had no control over, tell people not to attend and be LIKE FRANK, I refuse to do that and every time I attempted to correct the myriad of lies I was muted. I asked Paul who muted me and he told me to contact Ricardo because he recorded the meeting, but I asked him to do so and anyone with a smartphone could record a Conference Call. 
...Here is Frank's "apology" letter-
"Dear Lora, Gordon, Joel, and Lori: 
Saturday evening, July 28th there was a conference call of Executive Committee members of the national party to discuss the situation in South Dakota.  I was severely chastised (and rightfully so) by a number of the members of that committee for becoming involved in the controversy over who is the authorized state chairman of the Constitution Party in that state. The national party bylaws make it clear that the national party is not to interfere in the internal matters of the states.  
Even though I did not draft the letter that went out on July 13th, I did put my signature on that letter and should not have done so. Later, upon reading the bylaws of the South Dakota Constitution Party, it became clear that some of the information in the letter was incorrect.  I am sorry for any damage this interference in your affairs may have caused.  As a result of my having signed the letter I did both myself and the national party an injustice. It was a hard lesson learned and I sincerely apologize for the discord that has arisen from my having signed and sent out the letter.  
It is the responsibility of each state to resolve their own internal issues. The national party would only become involved if there was more than one delegation from a state that wanted to be seated at a national nominating convention or national committee meeting. The issue has brought forward information that was not previously known and it is my hope that the two parties will be able to arrive at a solution to the issues that have arisen. 
Frank Fluckiger"   
"As I continued to read Frank's letter of "Apology" I read these words: "It is the responsibility of each state to resolve their own internal issues. The national party would only become involved if there was more than one delegation from a state that wanted to be seated at a national nominating convention or national committee meeting." 
"I realized this was no "apology" letter this was Frank informing his co-conspirators what his plan was at the National Committee Meeting in Wisconsin, the Constitution Party of South Dakota was set up by Frank and the National CP way back in August of last year, and that the NCM decision on the CPSD was pre-planned, but the best Frank could have hoped for was NOT seating anyone from South Dakota as he knew the CPSD would do the right thing and disassociate from National. The MTCP disbanded and the CPV followed the CPSD and disassociated." 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Virginia Constitution Party Disaffiliates From National CP

In a 3-2 vote yesterday, the Virginia Constitution Party disaffiliated from the National Constitution Party.  This follows the disaffiliations of the Idaho CP, the South Dakota CP and the Alaska CP, as well as the disbanding of the Montana CP.  The following statement was issued by Virginia CP Chairman John Bloom.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Independent Presidential Candidate Mark Charles Hopes to Draw Attention to Native American Issues

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Mark R. Charles, a member of the Navajo tribe, is an independent candidate for president. See this story about his campaign. It is not known if he has started petitioning anywhere. 
Thanks to Nathan Hetzel for this news.

Thursday, June 13, 2019 'Justin Amash Isn't Just Rebelling Against Trump. He's Fighting the Two-Party System.'

Justin Amash

by Peter Suderman, (Published on 06/11/19)

Last night, Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) reportedly stepped down from the board of the House Freedom Caucus, which he helped found in 2015. 
The move follows a series of headline-making tweetstorms from Amash taking aim at both President Trump and his backers in Congress, in which Amash, relying on the findings in the Mueller report, argues that the president's conduct is impeachable, and that most Republicans are defending him out of little more than pure partisanship.
Amash's fellow Republicans, even those he is ostensibly close with, have generally not taken kindly to his stance, with the Freedom Caucus recently voting to condemn him for criticizing the president. Trump, meanwhile—never one to skip out on belittling a critic—has in recent weeks trashed Amash as "a total lightweight" and a "loser."
In general, the GOP's attitude toward Amash, the only congressional Republican who has affirmatively connected Trump's conduct with the notion of impeachment, has been dismissive and defensive. Republicans have tended to take Amash's arguments personally, as signs of pointed disloyalty. The job of a Republican, the GOP's responses have suggested, is to support other Republicans, which these days mostly means supporting Donald Trump and whatever it is he does. Amash was attacking Trump, and therefore had to be cut off.
You can certainly read Rep. Justin Amash's recent criticisms of President Trump and the vast majority of elected Republicans who back him as attacks against a president that Amash believes has failed the nation and the office—or on the GOP for its willingness to go along with the same—and you wouldn't be wrong to do so.
But it would be a mistake to assume that's all Amash is doing, or even that is it necessarily the most important aspect of his critique. Amash isn't just a NeverTrump pundit with a congressional office; his target is larger than Trump and the party stalwarts who back him. Rather, he is taking aim at the binary choices offered by the Republican/Democrat duopoly, the unthinking partisanship it seems to require, and the ways that partisanship has made Congress less willing to exercise its constitutional duties as a co-equal branch of government. Amash isn't just taking on Trump; he's making a systemic critique of the two-party system...
To read article in full, click here.

Libertarian Party Gains a Partisan City Council Member in Binghampton, New York

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On June 12, Binghamton, New York city council member Dani Cronce said that she had changed her registration from Democratic to Libertarian. She was first elected in 2015. She does not plan to seek re-election in November 2019.
Binghampton has seven city council members, each elected from a district. She represents the Third District. Thanks to Bob Johnston for this news.

Howard Schultz Suspends Presidential Campaigning

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Howard Schultz has never declared he would be an independent presidential candidate, but he had said he might, and he had been making public appearances earlier this year. However, he stopped in May 2019, and now has said he stopped because he had medical problems, which are being resolved. See this story. He indicated he still might run, but won’t take any action until September 2019 at the earliest.

New York Conservative Party Will Sue to Block Elimination of Fusion

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The New York Conservative Party says it will sue the New York state government to preserve fusion. Although the legislature has not repealed fusion, it did authorize a commission that would have the power to abolish it. See this story. Thanks to Steve Kemp for the link.

Florida Democratic Party Won’t Let Independents Vote in Democratic Primaries

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On June 9, the Florida Democratic Party adjourned its state meeting. The proposal to allow independent voters to vote in Democratic primaries did not pass, even though many leading Democrats had endorsed the idea.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Texas Bill that Both Helps and Hurts Ballot Access is Signed

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On June 10, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 2504. It makes it easier for a party to remain on the ballot. The old vote test was either 2% for Governor, or 5% for any statewide race. The new vote test is 2% for any statewide office at any of the last five elections. The bill has the effect of putting the Green Party on the ballot for 2020, because it polled over 2% for a few statewide races in 2016.
Unfortunately, the same bill imposes filing fees on the nominees of parties that nominate by convention, which includes all parties other than the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

David Bergland, R.I.P.

David Bergland
by Brian Doherty,

David Bergland, the Libertarian Party's 1984 presidential candidate, died last week at age 83 of prostate cancer.
Bergland's interest in libertarianism began with Ayn Rand and Objectivism, and after attending a Libertarian Party meeting in Orange County in 1973 he became the young party's 1974 candidate for attorney general in California. Two years later, he was tapped to be the party's national vice-presidential candidate—a fresh face who showed up late at the convention and became an acceptable compromise candidate after a heated struggle between others.
After serving five years as the party's national chair, he became its presidential nominee in 1984 (again more or less as a compromise candidate, when one of the expected main contenders dropped out at the last minute). Running against Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale, he earned a bit over 228,000 votes...
To read article in full, click here.

Lincoln Chaffee Changes Party Affiliation a 4th Time

by Francis Folz,

Over the past decade, there has been a movement of public icons transitioning from the two establishmentarian parties to America’s new and attractive third parties. Gary Johnson switched over from the Republican party in 2012, Joe Miller and Bill Weld in 2016, and in 2019 the Libertarian Party (of Wyoming) has accumulated a former Rhode Island governor, senator, and Democratic presidential hopeful Lincoln Chafee.
For anyone unfamiliar with Mr. Chafee, his political progression started in 1999 when he appointed to the U.S. Senate as a Republican after his father’s passing. In 2000, a convincing margin of Rhode Islanders elected him, despite George Bush, the Republican presidential hopeful, not even receiving a third of their votes.
Unfortunately, Mr. Chafee lost his re-election bid in the Democratic wave of 2006 to Sheldon Whitehouse. However, this setback would not keep Lincoln out of politics for long. In 2010, Lincoln Chafee was sent to the Rhode Island governor’s mansion as an Independent, winning the largest plurality of votes between the two parties...
To read article in full, click here.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Constitution Party of Idaho: 'Silence of the Lambs'

Silence of the lambs?
Chairman Floyd Whitley

Published on the Idaho CP's website on May 22, 2019

Late winter and early spring, 2019, CP-Idaho Chairman Whitley took a sabbatical from the day to day provision of content for this website. It was an experiment, of sorts, to test whether anyone else would bother to step up and fill the void to furnish content. To date, no one has.
As widely known in the Idaho state party, Chairman Whitley has constantly called for material from our other state party leaders, candidates and our rank and file registered voters. He continues to do so.  It is unwise, and indeed probably unsafe, to rely upon a single individual to be the de facto voice of a ballot qualified state political party. To let somebody else take care of defending the rights and liberties for which this state political party stands is to be gullible at best.  Again, not every shepherd is what he or she appears to be. That “dependency” leads to a host of things, all of them bad.
For example, it encourages apathy and a lack of personal responsibility in taking up one’s duties and obligations required if we are truly an independent People assembled in a political association for the purpose of mutual interests. Worse, depending on “someone else” to do all the heavy lifting ultimately condones what it should condemn…for it can lead to a de facto establishment of personality-based politics. This is not, nor should it be, the “personal” party of the current Chairman. It is not now, and never should have been, about the person. It is about the policy.
As a state party, we have fought against this very kind of mentality–party insiders, elitism and cliquish control–so obviously ensconced in the national CP. Chairman Whitley again calls for your direct participation—in posting content and in contributing monies to support CP-Idaho and move this state party forward competitively, into viable and real self governance. Until a broader base of participation and financial support can be gotten from our registered rank and file voters in CP-Idaho, no amount of content by one man can provide the defense of what are our common rights.
The workload must absolutely shift from the shoulders of one man and be distributed to the shoulders of all of our 3,121 registered voters (May 2019) in this state party. By doing so, a far greater weight of true self-governance can be borne.
Wholly unlike the national CP, and indeed certainly unlike the Republicans and Democrats, CP-Idaho has never sought to become an elitist organization based upon personal identity, upon out-sized egos or selfish individual ambition. This state party’s purpose is to provide the citizenry a conduit through which they themselves can oversee their elected government, and become themselves the providers of accountable policy rather than to rely on “someone else”–lobbyists, dark money and dark principles–to do so for them. Automatic pilot is a most risky technique for the People to use in their own government.
In any case, the experiment in the production of content to this state party website has shown, beyond doubt, that should Chairman Whitley retire, the result is a silent ballot qualified state political party. YOU, the rank and file, cannot afford to let silence be the default. If that is the case, you do not have a state political party, not truly so.  If you truly believe that protecting and developing a viable alternative third party political voice as an option to the present duopoly is wise, then please, for the love of liberty, step up. Use the donation button below.  As little as $10 from each registered CP-Idahoan can establish a strong array of potential public venues for our 2020 campaigns–it would permit a statewide budget of over $30,000! Conversely, if one article was submitted for publication on this state website per every 100 CP-Idahoans each month, we would have fresh commentary and content for every day of the year.
The analogy has been used before. CP-Idaho should be considered as a backup generator, a fail safe should the power of the hobbled grid of the two corroded political parties—the Republicans and the Democrats—blow the circuits. Yet, even in such a backup role, maintenance is still required to make sure that our purpose—to stand for political liberty when the system does not—can be performed. If you trust the present government, the current duopoly political party in power, then by all means…do nothing.
Otherwise, Chairman Whitley again appeals to our registered voters. Do something!  Participate! Get involved!  Support this state party! If not, then as the experiment has proven, the net results of this exercise in self-governance will be…silence.
Godspeed Liberty,  
F.W. Whitley, Chairman,  
Stand Up • Stand Together.