Friday, May 10, 2019

Trouble in the Constitution Party: Fallout From Milwaukee; Virginia CP Chair's Statement & Intent to Disaffiliate from National

by Cody Quirk

In another perspective of the fallout from the Constitution Party's National Committee's recent meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin -Constitution Party of Virginia's State Chair, John Bloom, also weighed in on the matter of the related situation in South Dakota and how it ties in to what transpired at the recent CP Milwaukee meeting and the controversy surrounding CP National Chairman, Frank Fluckiger, and others...

"The NCM Credentials Hearing in Wisconsin was a sham, the Frank Fluckiger Flunkie Wayne Zimmershied controlled what could and couldn't be said in the hearing and Mike Gun and Dr. Terry Lafleur where not even allowed to address the group and they were denied the full story. All of the evidence comes from legal documents or from documents provided by Lora Hubble and Frank Fluckiger and I will also include what I consider the "Smoking Gun" that ties the Conspirators of Election Fraud together in a nice package for the CPSD to present to the South Dakota Government Accountability Board on May 15th, 2019. 

"Here is the real timeline of events...  

1. In July of 2016 Lora Hubble was elected Chair of the Constitution Party of South Dakota. 
2. On November 21st, 2016, Lora Hubble switched her political party to the Republican Party and never informed any member of the CPSD State Central Committee until: 
3. She submitted her resignation letter via email to Lori Stacey on February 2nd, 2017. 
4. On February 2nd, 2017 the CPSD SCC called a meeting to elect new officers and though Joel Bergen was the next in line of succession, was a truck driver and too busy to be Chair and asked Lori Stacey to be chairman and announced via a Press Release on the CPSD website. Though they did not follow the formality of Joel appointing Lori Vice-Chair and then resigning, the result is the same. 
5. On February 6th, 2017 Lori Stacey, without any objection from Joel Bergen who was the Vice-Chairman of the CPSD at the time, submitted a Statement of Organization naming herself as Chairman of the CPSD. 
6. Sometime between Feb 6th, 2017 and early 2018, the CPSD was awarded ballot access and could NOMINATE via a Convention. 
7. In March 2018 Lora Hubble filed to run in the Republican Primary for State Senate in the 9th SD and Secretary of State Republican Shantel Krebs threw off Dr. Terry Lafleur from the Republican Primary Ballot. 
8. In June 2018, Lora Hubble lost in a Republican Primary and CPSD Vice-Chair Joel Bergan's COUSIN Kristi Noem won the Republican Primary and he should have resigned as CPSD Vice-Chair due to the obvious Conflict of Interest.Four different reasons Lora Hubble could not have been Chair of the CPSD after the Jun Republican Primary, and could be ineligible as far back as Nov 2016. 
9. On July 13th, 2018, Frank Fluckiger sent Lori Stacey UNLAWFULLY removing her from Chair of the CPSD and replacing her with Lora Hubble who could not have been the Lawful Chair of the CPSD. 
10. In a response to Dr. Terry LaFleur's Lawsuit seeking damages for the Fraudulent activity by not only National Chairman Frank Fluckiger but by other members in the National Executive Committee, not named in the letter. 
11. Lora Hubble continued to masquerade as the Chair of the CPSD aided by Frank Fluckiger and the Republican Agents on the National Executive Committee (National Chairman Frank Fluckiger, National Vice Chairman Doug Aden, National Secretary Cindy Redburn and I suspect Trumplican Darrell Castle, James Clymer, Wayne Zimmershied, Janine Hansen). 
12. Lora Hubble in her response to Dr. Lafleur's lawsuit makes the accusation that the National Constitution Party made the determination that she was the pro-temp chair. At first I believed she was lying, but after repeatedly asking the National Executive Committee to respond to that charge they never did. 
13. Then on 12/05/2018 the FORMER Vice-Chairman James Trent Corbett set up an UNAUTHORIZED meeting with what I thought was Frank Fluckiger defending himself, but turned out to be a Conspirator's Convention, with Lora Hubble, Matt Johnson (who I never heard of at the time), National Vice-Chairman Doug Aden and National Secretary Cindy Redburn. How members of the CPV SCC could not come away with believing the National CP was in support of Hubble is beyond me. I again asked for an apology letter many times. This part is my believe though it is pretty apparent that members of the CP NEC were involved, I believe the REPUBLICAN Wing of the CP NEC were involved in this Conspiracy NOT to take over the CPSD but to deny Dr. Terry LaFleur ballot access.

"Note both groups submitted Nominees to run for Governor and the Judge threw off Mr. Lafleur which was their real objective.

"I spent TEN years of my life fighting the Corrupt members of the NY State Conservative Party who traded their cross-endorsements for PATRONAGE jobs for themselves, friends and family. I promise you ad the GOOD people of SD I will NOT have to be subpoenaed to testify and fly to SD to testify against these REPUBLICANS in Constitution Party Clothing.

"I will be holding a vote of the CPV SCC to disassociate from the National Party until such time that the Republican leaders of the National Constitution Party is replaced by the Constitution Party wing of the National CP (Randy Stufflebeam, JR Meyers, Ricardo Davis, Mario Mariota and Scott Copeland). If they do not vote to disassociate with the National CP I will resign, for I do NOT associate with CRIMINALS. 

John Bloom, 
Constitution Party of Virginia"


Joe Murphy said...

Thank you for posting this..I have not been involved for over 5 years now, but I was a former Pa state chairman and was a county chairman for 6 years. I am still registered with the CP and have friends there. I just want to see a party fight for our people and obey the constitution. It shouldn't be this difficult. I will continue to follow. I have become frustrated with all of politics and I am . not even sure if its the answer anymore, but I may help again if i feel there is some hope

NewFederalist said...

I am a registered Libertarian and even recently rejoined the Libertarian Party after a nearly 25 year hiatus. I have voted for Constitution Party nominees many times in the past. It seems to me that rather than try to establish a new political party a much more sensible course of action would be to align with the Libertarian Party. I understand that many parts of the Libertarian platform are an anathema to many "Constitutionists" (which I think is a really stupid term!)but why not establish a Constitutional Caucus within the LP and take full advantage of the ballot access they have won over the past 40+ years and nominate candidates that are generally acceptable to all factions of the liberty movement? I believe creating another organization that might rival the Prohibition Party for ballot access and overall electoral impact is just a waste of time and precious resources.

Joe Murphy said...

i agree, a brand new party would take years, and we don't have that I fear....I have thought about a CC in the LP, and think it could make an impact, a lot of CP members would have to make the move at once... The biggest hurdle for me and the LP has always been there stance on abortion.. It would seem to me that not being pro life goes against their NAP stance, but maybe thats just me...anyway, I have voted for LP candidates in the past and I always thought the two parties should have supported each other in the past by running a common candidate...I would be interested if this was a consideration.

NewFederalist said...

I believe there are far more people within the LP who are at variance with the party on the abortion plank than many people want to believe. To wit: former Rep. Ron Paul and potential nominee Rep. Justin Amash.

John - CP MO said...


I see two fairly significant issues/challenges with your suggestion.

First is the, not insignificant, faction of the Libertarian party that are devout anarchists.

Second is the, not insignificant, aspect of the Libertarian party that believes abortion is okay - in contrast to the CP view that abortion is a violation of the constitutionally protected (not granted) right to life of all humans.

What you are suggesting that the CP do with/to the Libertarian party is not far removed from what the Tea Party (group) tried to do with the Republican party. They failed and were assimilated. Although a small faction does still exist and does still hold out hope that the GOP can be reformed.

If two parties are "close" in their beliefs, then sure, work together and meld.

But the Libertarian party is too diverse internally. That's not a fight I'm interested in taking on - I left the GOP for the same reason that I won't join the LP.

John - CP MO said...

To address some of the specific points Mr Bloom makes:

"4) ...Though they did not follow the formality of Joel appointing Lori Vice-Chair and then resigning, the result is the same. "

No, the result is not the same. You either follow the rules, or you don't.

In fact, Mr Bloom's support for "SD not following the rules" is at odds with his stated objection to National Party "not following the rules".

Excusing SD for not following the rules, and then accusing the National Party of not following the rules and condemning them for it, is a bit of a double standard.

Do the bylaws allow for a meeting call "with no advance notice"?
The their revised bylaws are silent on committee meeting announcements, but declare a 14 day advance notice is required for conventions. Is it reasonable to "Call for a meeting on the same day of the call"? Why the rush?

Additionally, there are no "minutes" for that meeting. So, even if the meeting did actually happen, with no minutes and no record of the meeting (and no proof of a quorum) - it never happened.

I note, again for the record, that Mr Bloom is overlooking the need to establish a quorum for the SD meeting, while simultaneously joining with J.R. Myers and denouncing a recent National Committee Meeting by claiming it didn't have a quorum.

I also note, for the record, that there are minutes and quorum data for the NC meeting. I merely note the hypocrisy and double standard in the acceptance of one event and denouncement of the other based on a claim of the same circumstances.

The list of double standard and hypocrisy goes on - but I digress.

5) " On February 6th, 2017 Lori Stacey, without any objection from Joel Bergen who was the Vice-Chairman of the CPSD at the time, submitted a Statement of Organization naming herself as Chairman of the CPSD."

This one is problematic as well. If they never had an official meeting, or didn't establish quorum, or (as Mr Bloom admits) didn't follow the defined procedure, then any form that listed Ms Stacey as Chair would constitute filing false documents with the state.

While Mr Bloom claims that the document was filed "without objection from Joel Bergen" it does not make it clear as to whether that document was filed "with the knowledge of Joel Bergen". It is hard to object to something that you're unaware occurred.

And, not to omit that Mr Bloom's version of 'chain of custody of Chair' differs from the one Mr Bergen tells.

Without a 'notice of meeting', 'documented establishment of quorum - or list of attendees' and 'minutes of the meeting' we are left with he-said / she-said.

"8. In June 2018, Lora Hubble lost in a Republican Primary and CPSD Vice-Chair Joel Bergan's COUSIN Kristi Noem won the Republican Primary and he should have resigned as CPSD Vice-Chair due to the obvious Conflict of Interest"

What?!? Since when can cousins not be members of different political parties without having a "conflict of interest"?

The suggestion that Mr Bergan should have resigned based on something his cousin did, is absurd on the face of it and defies logic.

Bottom line, neither side presented a clear cut case that established an unbroken chain-of-custody for the Chair and thus the National CP Credentials Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the National Committee not recognize either faction.

The National Committee held a discussion and adopted a resolution that echoed the Credentials Committee recommendation.

SD was invited to resolve the dispute internally and to return at the Fall meeting with credentials.

In reality, it's all pretty boring stuff that is being used by a few as an excuse for strife and public defamation of the party and party leadership.