Friday, May 31, 2019

Times Union: 'Howie Hawkins will seek Green nomination for president'

Howie Hawkins at a press conference to announce on Thursday, April 12, 2018, in Albany, N.Y.    (Paul Buckowski/Times Union) Photo: PAUL BUCKOWSKI / (Paul Buckowski/Times Union)
Howie Hawkins

Staff report

Longtime New York gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins will seek the Green Party nomination for president in 2020.
Hawkins, who make the announcement on Tuesday in Brooklyn, has run for governor three times (in 2010, '14 and '18) on the Green Party's line, every time clearing the 50,000-vote limit required to maintain the party's ballot status. He launched his exploratory committee for the presidency in April.
Hawkins, a retired Teamster, has also run for Congress and the U.S. Senate, as well as seeking local offices in Syracuse.
The centerpiece of Hawkins' campaign for president is an "ecosocialist Green New Deal" to convert to clean renewable energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 — a "World War II-scale mobilization," he said in a statement...
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Friday, May 24, 2019

Libertarian Party Member Wins Local Office in Odessa, Texas

Ballot Access News

On May 4, Texas Libertarian Party member Wallace Dunn was elected to the Ector County Hospital Board, defeating the incumbent, 151-68.  It was Dunn’s first time running for public office.  
Thanks to Nate Watkins for this news.

Lauren Southern documentary - Borderless (2019)

Lauren Southern is an independent journalist, whom is a former member of and candidate for, the Libertarian Party of Canada.

Somebody got this film taken down from YouTube, so Lauren uploaded it again. Here it is again since the video above is not working.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019


100 Million Dollar Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Constitution Party


(Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur, in his official capacity) as Candidate for Governor of South Dakota,) Civ. 18-4125RAL Plaintiff,))


(The State of South Dakota – Kristi Noem,) Shantel Krebs, in her personal and official capacity) as prior Secretary of State for South Dakota,) Steven Barnett, in his official capacity as Secretary) of State for South Dakota, Dan Lederman, in his) personal and official capacity as Chairman of the) Republican Party of South Dakota, Lora Hubbel,) Gordon Howie, Joel Bergan, Marilee Roose,) Frank Fluckiger, in his personal and official capacity) as Chairman of the National Constitution Party,) NCPExec.Committee,DougAden,CindyRedburn,) Gerald Kilpatrick, James Clymer, James Castle,) John Diamond, Mario Mariotti, Randal Stufflebeam,) Ricardo Davis, Joshua Cassity, John Richard Meyers,) Janine Hansen, Scott Copeland, Thomas Holmes,) Wayne Zimmerschied, Jointly and Severely,) Defendant(s),))

Amended Summons

To: South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg 1302 E. Hwy 14, Ste. 1

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Montana Constitution Party Disbands As Post Milwaukee Fallout Escalates

by Former MTCP Chairman J.R.Myers

More fallout continues within the Constitution Party due to recent events at the NCM meeting in Milwaukee. After concluding a successful convention in Helena, MT on May 4, the MTCP has disbanded less than two weeks later. This was a direct result of the ongoing controversy within the National CP.

It began over a 24 hour period with the resignation of the newest member of the MTCP Central Committee, NCM Jim Buterbaugh.  On Tuesday 5/14/19, he texted, “I’m done.”

This was quickly followed by the resignation of the MTCP Vice Chairman, Tim Ravndal, and his wife as members. Jim and I have been down this road together before and we both have said that 'we are not interested in repeating the same exercise again'.

After advising my wife about where we are at in this venture, she advises me that she would like to submit her resignation as a member of the Constitution Party of Montana.

So...I now must take one more step here today.

I hereby submit my resignation as Vice Chair of the Constitution Party of Montana effective immediately.

I created the Face Book Page for the Constitution Party of Montana and I am going to close that page in 2 days. I will post a message that I am closing the page so those following will be notified.

The original Group page created is still there in the event the party wants to go down the path in place in the future.”

This was followed on Wednesday by a pronouncement from the MTCP Secretary Treasurer, Travis Orback that, "CPMT is dead. I’m open to looking at the new party. I might meet with the Park County Libertarians to see what they have planned. I may just fall back into and focus on my family life.”

Then on Saturday 5/18/19- 
I resign my position as Secretary/Treasurer of the group known as Constitution Party of Montana and its other name variations. I will not renew the P.O. Box and will hold onto the funds and distribute as I see fit. 
I did the work to secure the name with SOS. I did the work to acquire the funds from the previous party. I was in constant contact with Frank F to get this thing going. 
Now too many people are offended and I’m getting caught in the middle. 
The next people who want to try can do everything from scratch.

These events were a direct consequence of the inability of the CP to address the situation in a timely and lawful manner. The long CP history of splits and infighting was cited. The loss of the MTCP now appears to be a failed coup attempt orchestrated from within by the National CP Chairman and his allies, repeating the modus operandi used to interfere with and compromise the SDCP, the IDCP, the VACP, and countless others.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Trouble in the Constitution Party: Fallout From Milwaukee; CP Midwest Regional Chair - 'Travesty in South Dakota'

by Cody Quirk

In another forwarded email from the State Chair of the Constitution Party of Virginia, John Bloom -Constitution Party Midwest Regional Chair Randy Stufflebeam composed a series of videos that discuss the CP's 'fiasco' in South Dakota, of which he wanted to present in a talk at the CP's recent National Committee meeting in Milwaukee, but was unable to. So as a backup he emailed this brief presentation with a series of video url links to members of the CP's National Committee, and others... 

Travesty in South Dakota

"Dear Constitution Party Leader and/or National Committee Member,

"My name is Randy Stufflebeam. I am the Constitution Party Midwestern Regional Chairman.

"The reason that I am writing to you is that I have created a video series that I’ve entitled, “Travesty in South Dakota” It deals with the circumstances which caused the Constitution Party of South Dakota to lose their hard-earned ballot access in October of last year, 2018.

"This video series in primarily intended for those who will be attending the Spring Constitution Party National Committee Meeting that is scheduled to commence the weekend of May 3rd.

"There is a total of 7 videos in this series and I STRONLY encourage you to at least check out the Introduction (which is about 8 minutes) and the Opening Statement (which is just a little over 15 minutes).  Those two videos should be enough to let you know how important it is for you to see the other 5 videos.  You can click on the links below.

1 – Introduction

2 - Opening Statement

3 - Heir to the Chair

4 - CP Leaders’ Testimony

5 - Stacey Faction Testimony

6 - Michael Gunn Interview

7 - Closing Statement

"As mentioned throughout the video series, I have a website where you can download the supported documentation and audio clips

Disclaimer – the statements and opinions that are expressed in this video series are solely those of the person making them and do not necessarily reflect those of the Constitution Party and/or its membership and officers.  Only the Constitution Party Constitution, Bylaws, and Platform can be the official representation of the Constitution Party’s positions.

"If you have any questions, please contact me

"It is my strong desire that what is contained within the videos will help you to understand what happened in South Dakota and the actions that must take place at the National Committee meeting.

"May God bless you as we work together to restore IntegrityLiberty and Prosperity (the Constitution Party’s Three Pillars”) here in the country we love and fight for.

Your humble servant,
Randy Stufflebeam"

Trouble in the Constitution Party: Fallout From Milwaukee; Virginia CP Chair's Statement & Intent to Disaffiliate from National

by Cody Quirk

In another perspective of the fallout from the Constitution Party's National Committee's recent meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin -Constitution Party of Virginia's State Chair, John Bloom, also weighed in on the matter of the related situation in South Dakota and how it ties in to what transpired at the recent CP Milwaukee meeting and the controversy surrounding CP National Chairman, Frank Fluckiger, and others...

"The NCM Credentials Hearing in Wisconsin was a sham, the Frank Fluckiger Flunkie Wayne Zimmershied controlled what could and couldn't be said in the hearing and Mike Gun and Dr. Terry Lafleur where not even allowed to address the group and they were denied the full story. All of the evidence comes from legal documents or from documents provided by Lora Hubble and Frank Fluckiger and I will also include what I consider the "Smoking Gun" that ties the Conspirators of Election Fraud together in a nice package for the CPSD to present to the South Dakota Government Accountability Board on May 15th, 2019. 

"Here is the real timeline of events...  

1. In July of 2016 Lora Hubble was elected Chair of the Constitution Party of South Dakota. 
2. On November 21st, 2016, Lora Hubble switched her political party to the Republican Party and never informed any member of the CPSD State Central Committee until: 
3. She submitted her resignation letter via email to Lori Stacey on February 2nd, 2017. 
4. On February 2nd, 2017 the CPSD SCC called a meeting to elect new officers and though Joel Bergen was the next in line of succession, was a truck driver and too busy to be Chair and asked Lori Stacey to be chairman and announced via a Press Release on the CPSD website. Though they did not follow the formality of Joel appointing Lori Vice-Chair and then resigning, the result is the same. 
5. On February 6th, 2017 Lori Stacey, without any objection from Joel Bergen who was the Vice-Chairman of the CPSD at the time, submitted a Statement of Organization naming herself as Chairman of the CPSD. 
6. Sometime between Feb 6th, 2017 and early 2018, the CPSD was awarded ballot access and could NOMINATE via a Convention. 
7. In March 2018 Lora Hubble filed to run in the Republican Primary for State Senate in the 9th SD and Secretary of State Republican Shantel Krebs threw off Dr. Terry Lafleur from the Republican Primary Ballot. 
8. In June 2018, Lora Hubble lost in a Republican Primary and CPSD Vice-Chair Joel Bergan's COUSIN Kristi Noem won the Republican Primary and he should have resigned as CPSD Vice-Chair due to the obvious Conflict of Interest.Four different reasons Lora Hubble could not have been Chair of the CPSD after the Jun Republican Primary, and could be ineligible as far back as Nov 2016. 
9. On July 13th, 2018, Frank Fluckiger sent Lori Stacey UNLAWFULLY removing her from Chair of the CPSD and replacing her with Lora Hubble who could not have been the Lawful Chair of the CPSD. 
10. In a response to Dr. Terry LaFleur's Lawsuit seeking damages for the Fraudulent activity by not only National Chairman Frank Fluckiger but by other members in the National Executive Committee, not named in the letter. 
11. Lora Hubble continued to masquerade as the Chair of the CPSD aided by Frank Fluckiger and the Republican Agents on the National Executive Committee (National Chairman Frank Fluckiger, National Vice Chairman Doug Aden, National Secretary Cindy Redburn and I suspect Trumplican Darrell Castle, James Clymer, Wayne Zimmershied, Janine Hansen). 
12. Lora Hubble in her response to Dr. Lafleur's lawsuit makes the accusation that the National Constitution Party made the determination that she was the pro-temp chair. At first I believed she was lying, but after repeatedly asking the National Executive Committee to respond to that charge they never did. 
13. Then on 12/05/2018 the FORMER Vice-Chairman James Trent Corbett set up an UNAUTHORIZED meeting with what I thought was Frank Fluckiger defending himself, but turned out to be a Conspirator's Convention, with Lora Hubble, Matt Johnson (who I never heard of at the time), National Vice-Chairman Doug Aden and National Secretary Cindy Redburn. How members of the CPV SCC could not come away with believing the National CP was in support of Hubble is beyond me. I again asked for an apology letter many times. This part is my believe though it is pretty apparent that members of the CP NEC were involved, I believe the REPUBLICAN Wing of the CP NEC were involved in this Conspiracy NOT to take over the CPSD but to deny Dr. Terry LaFleur ballot access.

"Note both groups submitted Nominees to run for Governor and the Judge threw off Mr. Lafleur which was their real objective.

"I spent TEN years of my life fighting the Corrupt members of the NY State Conservative Party who traded their cross-endorsements for PATRONAGE jobs for themselves, friends and family. I promise you ad the GOOD people of SD I will NOT have to be subpoenaed to testify and fly to SD to testify against these REPUBLICANS in Constitution Party Clothing.

"I will be holding a vote of the CPV SCC to disassociate from the National Party until such time that the Republican leaders of the National Constitution Party is replaced by the Constitution Party wing of the National CP (Randy Stufflebeam, JR Meyers, Ricardo Davis, Mario Mariota and Scott Copeland). If they do not vote to disassociate with the National CP I will resign, for I do NOT associate with CRIMINALS. 

John Bloom, 
Constitution Party of Virginia"

Thursday, May 9, 2019

*Updated 5/12/19* National Constitution Party Implodes Due To Corruption At The Top: Western Area Chairman Resigns From National CP

by J.R.Myers

Due to the unchecked corruption at the top, the National Constitution Party is now in a freefall. The recent National Committee Meeting in Milwaukee saw a continuation of the fraudulent proxy vote system and a falsification of the numbers to achieve a quorum. None of the business conducted in Milwaukee was legal!  

Many of the states counted as affiliates haven't had an official statewide business meeting or convention in years. Therefore, their officers and NCMs terms of office have LONG AGO expired.  It's kind of like the Democrats counting the votes of the dead...I'll call out Washington, Florida, Oklahoma, Iowa and New York on those counts!  Several states had their proxies counted for a quorum, yet had no representatives from the states present. I will call out Massachusetts, Florida and Washington on that count!  

Altogether, I believe the following states lack a viable, functioning CP. They are Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, Alabama, Alaska, California, Louisiana, New York, and Iowa. I may have missed a couple. Illinois was able to document their legitimacy.  Show me the proof, and I’ll remove your states too, if that’s the case.

I have resigned as CP Western Area Chairman over this debacle. Several states have (ID, SD, VA), or are in the process of disaffiliation. Several state officers and NCMs have, or are in the process of resigning from the National CP. 

Discussions and plans are underway to form a new national entity. This is an exciting time, as a new national constitutionalist/centrist/libertarian party emerges on the scene. Stay tuned!

Communist Party Member Elected to City Council of Ashland, Wisconsin

Ballot Access News

On April 2, Ashland, Wisconsin, held a non-partisan election for city office. Wahsayah Whitebird was elected in ward six. He is a member of the Communist Party, and he defeated the incumbent, David Mettille. The vote was 52-42.  Here is an article in the Peoples World about this election.
Ashland has a population of 8,216.  The city council has twelve members.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Minnesota Independence Party Becomes State Affiliate of the Alliance Party

Ballot Access News

On May 4, the Minnesota Independence Party held a state convention and voted to affiliate with the Alliance Party, a nationally-organized party with centrist views. The Independence Party is not ballot-qualified in Minnesota, but the party is well-organized and was able to successfully petition for various statewide offices in 2016 and 2018. In 2016 its presidential nominee was Evan McMullin. Thanks to Philip Fuehrer for this news.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Montana Constitution Party Convention 2019 Update

The Constitution Party of Montana concluded a successful 2019 Statewide Convention in Helena, Montana this past Saturday, May 4. We had a quorum. Fifteen gathered, twelve members were present from seven different counties. The meeting was presided over by Chairman J.R. Myers and Vice Chairman Tim Ravndal, who was also acting as scribe and video recording events.  Secretary/Treasurer Travis Orback was able to join us for a brief time. We unanimously adopted a Mission Statement. We chose a fourth National Committee and CPMT ExCom member, Jim Buterbaugh. We announced our search for a new Treasurer, and may have a lead. A supportive letter from Rick Jore was read. We discussed strategy moving forward for 2019 & 2020. We examined the Montana petition process and launched our ballot qualification petition drive. We unanimously agreed to issue a press release in opposition to HB 318 relating to the State of Montana now being involved in the internal affairs of political parties, thereby interfering with our right to Freedom of Association.  

This is still being drafted. More to come.

Constitution Party of Montana Mission Statement:

"The Mission of the Montana Constitution Party is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity at all levels of government. Montana Constitution Party candidates agree to uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the State of Montana. Therefore, it is our goal to hold Local, State and Federal governments to their delegated, enumerated, and Constitutionally limited duties to the people of Montana through the election process."