Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Milwaukee Aftermath: National CP Meltdown?

by J.R.Myers

Did the Constitution Party achieve a quorum at their National Committee Meeting in Milwaukee last week? They claim yes, but still more answers are needed, though none appear forthcoming. Such as, how many and which states were represented on the Credentials Committee and how many and which states were represented in the National Committee Meeting?  

We know that Charlotte, North Carolina was selected as the CP National Presidential Nominating Convention site for 2020. Date to be determined.

CP Chairman Frank Fluckiger In Milwaukee

Resolutions were passed regarding, The Border Crises and in Opposition To A National Popular Vote and Red Flag Laws.

Were the state delegations properly vetted?  

The Credentials Committee met on Friday, 5/3/19. Apparently, there were 12 states represented on it. We do not know which states were represented. We have not seen any official minutes or summaries. We know that with a unanimous vote, it was recommended that neither of the competing CP South Dakota Delegations be seated. Neither were seated, as the NCM voted to accept the Credentials Committee report with only one vote in dissension. Since then, the CPSD has disaffiliated.

How many legitimate National Committee Members and state CP affiliates are there? Unknown! No official reports.There were said to be about 51 NCMs from about 12 state affiliates. Why is this information being kept secret? What is the fear?

What constitutes a legitimate quorum? 
Again, this remains unknown, as no official reports have yet been received. For a party advocating transparency in government, this is strange...and rather inexcusable. 

Will the proxy vote system endure?  
A much abused process, which has emboldened the few, at the expense of the many. It appears it will continue, as it continues to benefit the status quo to continue to hold in person NCM meetings, without any teleconference options.  

Will warnings by responsible leaders within the CP be heeded?  
It no longer appears likely, as the attack dogs have been unleashed. They appear more motivated to cover up, than to take corrective action.

Will wayward leaders be held accountable? 
Again, South Dakota was not credentialed. Hawaii has lost ballot status, nearly as soon as it was won. Of the 13 Western Area States, less than half have any kind of viable CP at all.  The other Areas are the same or worse.There is chaos throughout the National CP, or what's left of it, due to the irresponsible actions of a few officers. The CP national leadership appears incapable of recognizing, addressing or correcting its internal problems. The controversy within the CP Executive Committee continues as to roles, responsibility and accountability. Sadly, it appears unlikely that any real accountability is forthcoming. Rather the insider loyalists would rather circle the wagons and label any would be reformers as insurrectionists and unChristian. With such friends...

Will true reform come from within the Constitution Party?  
Processes and roles were being re-examined. There was an active discussion, and several initiatives underway. However, instead of open dialogue, threats are being used in a foolish attempt to try to silence the truth. This has already backfired, see South Dakota.

Can the CP Executive & National Committees effectively govern themselves with integrity?  
Unlikely in view of the events since 2016, and especially over the last year with the repeated usurpations by the National Chairman. The National CP will never be reformed or grow as long as the majority of the credentialed National Committee Members see no need, and consider new members and leaders insurrectionists!
Did any CP POTUS hopefuls emerge?  
NO, NONE, NOT ONE! Unusual that none have. But then again, they only have ballot access in 12 states, and the typical pattern is to wait until the last minute to bless the anointed at the sham presidential nominating convention. 

The CP leadership continues to arrogantly accelerate their downward spiral of decline. There is a refusal to accept or provide for a generational changing of the guard. There is an inability of the leadership to accept their responsibilities, act within their legitimate authority, and work together for the good of the whole. They have failed the National CP and need to resign.

National Committee Meeting Training

Milwaukee. WI, Friday May 3, 2019


1:00 pm Call to Order – Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

1:05 pm Invocation and Pledge – By Invitation
1:10 pm Running an Effective Campaign for Public Office - Don Blankenship
1:40 pm Successful Techniques of Ballot Petitioning - Janine Hansen
2:00 pm Revealing Your True Government - Cutting the Strings of the Puppet Masters - Tom DeWeese
2:50 pm Ten Minute Break
3:00 pm Effective Lobbying to Change Restrictive Ballot Access Laws - Thom Holmes
3:15 pm Ballot Access Strategy for 2019 and 2020 - Frank Fluckiger
3:20 pm Recruiting Candidates to Run for Local Office - John Blazek
3:50 pm Voters’ Guide Video
4:35 pm The Power of the National Email Newsletter and the National Website -How it can help the states - Frank Fluckiger
4:50 pm Adjourn

Evening Banquet Room will be open at 6:15 pm 

Buffet will begin at 6:30 pm
Evening Speaker Tom DeWeese - How to Build the Party for Americans

National Committee Meeting

Milwaukee, WI, Saturday May 4, 2019


7:00 am Registration Opens

8:00 am Call to Order – Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman
8:05 am Invocation and Pledge –
8:10 am Welcome to Wisconsin - Andrew Zuelke, Wisconsin State Chairman

8:30 am Report of Secretary – Cindy Redburn
8:40 am Report of Treasurer – Jerry Kilpatrick
8:55 am Credentials Committee Report - Wayne Zimmerschied
9:00 am Resolution Report Preliminary Report - Darrell Castle
9:15 am Proposed By Laws Changes Preliminary Report - Thom Holmes
9:25 am Update on Growth of CP Voter Registration in the States - Frank Fluckiger
9:40 am Update on National Web Site and Making Good Use of It - Promoting the Party through Alternative Social Media Avenues - Paul Venable
10:00 am Ten Minute Break
10:00 am Challenging the American Community Survey- Andrew Zuelke
10:10 am Ballot Access Strategy for 2019 & 2020 - Frank Fluckiger
10:25 am Growth of the CP in North Carolina and U S Congressional Races - Keven Hayes
10:40 am The Swamp Is Deeper Than You Think - Don Blankenship
11:35 am Promoting the Party with the Castle Report - Darrell Castle
12:00 pm Lunch (Included in registration) Blessing on the Food – By Invitation
1:00pm Confirm Committee Chairmen for 2020 Convention Rules, Platform and Credentials Committee
1:15pm Adoption of Standing Rules for 2020 National Convention Janine Hansen
1:30pm Confirmation of Site for 2020 National Convention - Joan Castle
1:50pm Proposed By-Law Changes - Thom Holmes
2:00pm Proposed Resolutions - Darrell Castle
3:00 pm Ten Minute Break
3:10 pm Proposed Resolutions Continued - Darrell Castle
4:30 pm Benediction by invitation and Adjournment


J.R.Myers said...

Showdown in Milwaukee? Is the Constitution Party going to achieve a quorum at their National Committee Meeting in Milwaukee next week? Will the state delegations be properly vetted? How many legitimate National Committee Members and state CP affiliates are there? What constitutes a legitimate quorum? Will the proxy vote system endure? Will wayward leaders be held accountable? Will true reform come from within the Constitution Party? Can we effectively govern ourselves with integrity?

John Bloom said...

A quorum consists of one representative from a Majority of States and unless someone holding a Proxy is from that state, that Proxie cannot be executed from someone from another state. The Answer is unless there are less that 24 states that are constitututed as Organized States associated the answer to that question is NO! Talk about INCOMPEETENCE one cannot say they are UNSURE what constitutes a Quorum and have credibility as an Organization.

John - CP MO said...

John Richard Myers You were the one who openly declared your intention to boycott the meeting.

You were the one who openly declared that you were turning your attention inward to build your state.

You were the one who openly declared that you were NOT going to pay your National Committee Member dues.

You were the one who openly declared that your state was not going to pay its annual assessment for 2019.

You were the one who openly declared that if you were not going to "PAY" it was not fair for you to "PLAY" and then declared that you were going to withhold your attendance proxy.

Up until that point, you could claim you were taking the high road.

As long as you actually donate your NC member dues to your state party;
As long as you donate the $1000 you claim it costs to attend the NC meeting - to your state party;

If you don't donate that money to your state, then I would suggest that your entire boycott was no more than petulance.

But if you do, then you could claim the high road.

However, then you crossed the line and recruited other states to join you in withholding their proxies and boycott the meeting.

At that point you acted without integrity.

Your boycott had no shred of integrity.
Your boycott was an effort intended to prevent a quorum at the National Committee Meting.
Your boycott was intended to show that your (small) group of insurgents was a "force to be reckoned with".

But your Hail Mary pass - was a fumble.

The meeting had a quorum of attendees - without needing any of the proxies.

The credentials committee had a quorum of members in attendance - without needing any of the proxies.

Stop attacking our leadership. It is you who is acting without integrity.

Stop posting the childish videos that mock our leadership.
It makes you look childish.

Stop attacking our party. If you are that unhappy with the party - resign, disaffiliate and start your own.

John - CP MO said...

J.R. -

Why did you choose to write a "serious" blog post that doesn't include all of your contributions?

Why didn't you also include the childish videos you produced, and posted on Facebook, which mock the party leadership?

Why not show the public who you really are?

ATTENTION NCMs!!! Please DO NOT submit your proxy votes for the upcoming NCM meeting in Milwaukee. Proxy votes perpetuate the status quo and deprive members of true deliberative process. If they fail to achieve a quorum, it will undestcore the importance of electronic meeting formats. Also, proxies dilute accountability of the leadership by allowing them to conduct business as usual with a smaller and amaller group of actual participants. NO MORE PROXIES!!!

Dear CP National Committee

The CPMT ExCom voted to focus on organizging our state party. We are conserving our resources towards that goal. Therefore, we are not paying our 2019 dues, or NCM annual fes. Since we are not paying, it wouldn't be fair to play. Therefore, we are also withholding our proxy votes. We do not believe it would send the right message to continue the status quo. We do hope your meeting in a couple weeks is successful. We must work tog3ether to hold one another accountable, and move this party foward.


J.R. Myers
CPMT Chairman

1) There are not Proxy votes. There are "attendance quorum proxies".

Almost every large business sends out shareholder proxies for shareholder meetings, in order to achieve a quorum.

Your suggestion that we stop doing that is absurd.

2) You posted multiple times on Facebook with Videos and Cartoons that openly mock leadership. You seemed to feel you were very clever in creating them.

Should I point out all of your grammatical errors and mock you for your it?

Should I point out that NCM means National Committee Meeting and that saying "NCM Meeting" is redundant, and mock you for it?

Should I point out that your "ExCom" is basically a committee of 1 and that while your letter "looks" like you are a huge organization, in reality you haven't done much at all beyond being disruptive at the national level?

3) Given that, by your own words, you declared that you were going to "focus on your own state", why are you writing an article about the very NCM that you elected to boycott?

If you intentionally boycotted the meeting, didn't that mean you waive your right to object, complain or even question the events at the meeting?

You could have been there. You intentionally chose not to attend, in order to make you point. Your boycott failed. You lost. You fumbled.

Now please stop with the sour grapes.

John - CP MO said...

"Milwaukee Aftermath: National CP Meltdown?"

Nope, not at all.

The only meltdown appears to be coming from you and your small band of insurrectionists who attempted to thwart the meeting and failed.

FWW said...

"Insurrectionists"? To whom do you refer?

Red handed, smoking gun evidence exists of the national chairman willfully violating (over a long term) the Constitution of the Constitution Party in respects to Idaho and South Dakota, and apparently in Virginia as well. Certainly, the ongoing "insurrection from on high" ignores the national Bylaws in regards to state affiliates.

So, to be clear, are you referring to this sort of top-down dictatorial fiat as an "insurrection" by the national executive to consolidate power? Or do you refer to some other?

Please note: unless you can produce the certified and specific quorum by what should be a routine and public committee report, you are indeed talking about an "insurrection"...or masquerade. And these are facts. Sadly, John - CPMO chooses to ignore facts and prefers personal attacks as if that national CP cult warrants serious consideration by the American electorate.

Quorum is defined in the national Bylaws. Unless the national CP has metastasized into a secret organization, a publicly published quorum is required to transact business. That the national CP apparently has not publicly presented said quorum (to my knowledge), implies that it attempts to cover up factual matters.

Just because CP MO puts frosting on a cow pie, that don't make it no birthday cake. That too is a fact.

NewFederalist said...


FWW said...

You can tell a lot about a person's (or organization's) default position. Does the person accept accountability? Or...does the person shift, project, assign blame, cover up?

That the national CP advertises "Integrity" as one of its so-called pillars, is as much farce as it is hypocrisy. Again, return to that default characteristic.

If, in fact, the national CP did NOT have a certifiable quorum at its recent Milwaukee NCM croissant and hors d'oeuvres social, that in itself is no big deal. As a matter of fact, on occasion the lack of quorum is at times encountered in any business meeting.

If "Integrity" existed, the lack of quorum would have been declared, no harm no foul. Ah, but that default, that character!...cover it up, deflect, lie. Sometimes, in simple things such as this, great volumes can be revealed.

The national CP is apparently not what it professes itself to paraphrase Scriptures, if they will will not be truthful in matters so minor as this, why should anyone entrust them with actual power?

If truth is an "insurrection" then aye! More's the pity.

John - CP MO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John - CP MO said...


You're welcome to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own set of facts.

If there was not a quorum, why didn't you object when the meeting was called to order?
By not objecting, you accepted the claim that a quorum was reached.
By not calling for division on the quorum, you accepted that a quorum was present.

By suggesting, implying and claiming:

"How many legitimate National Committee Members and state CP affiliates are there? Unknown! No official reports. There were said to be about 51 NCMs from about 12 state affiliates. Why is this information being kept secret? What is the fear?"

JR is actually lying. There is no secret. There is no fear.

JR officially declared he wanted nothing to do with the National Committee Meeting.
He had an opportunity to attend.

He withheld his state assessment.
He withheld his NC member dues.
He withheld his quorum proxy.

I witnessed a very careful count when calculating the quorum.
Even Montana, which had effectively dissolved and has NOT reapplied for credentials was counted as an affiliate was counted as an affiliate in determining the requisite number for a quorum.

JR appears to be bitter and angry. His entire article is loaded with half truths, falsehoods and unfounded accusations of wrong doing.

His campaign to withhold proxies - in order to prevent a meeting - failed.
His influence and the size of his group are smaller than he realized.
He was not able to prevent a quorum and was not able to stop the meeting.

JWW, you said "are you referring to this sort of top-down dictatorial fiat"

There is no top-down dictatorial fiat. That exists only in JR's fantasy world.

The subversive insurrection is the group that is going public with lies and false accusations and half truths in order to get their way.

The chair agreed, months ago, that he had overstepped his authority in SD - after he was called in by the vice chair of SD and asked to assist. The ExCom agreed that a letter of admission and apology would suffice to end the matter. They agreed that no intentional malice occurred and that it was simply a human mistake.

(As it turns out, Jesus Christ was unavailable when we elected our National Chairman and we got a human (Frank) instead).

And now, after agreeing that an official apology would suffice, some members have forgotten that promise/agreement and continue to wage their attack to unseat a duly elected chair.

As for your reference to Virginia, no such violation exists. You have obviously been given a biased version of events that does not include what actually happened.

As for the chair being truthful, I have not seen any credible claims that Frank has been anything but truthful throughout his tenure. Nor have I seen any evidence of any coverup from our national chair.

I cannot say the same for those who are opposing him. Just about every one of them has been guilty of repeating (or creating) false claims, half truths, false accusations and secret conspiratorial collusion outside official channels. The above blog by JR being the most recent example.


FWW said...

Your tirade approaches mindless ludicrosity.

Despite your manufactured malignity, as I read Mr. Myers' post, he asked questions.

E.g. *"How many legitimate National Committee Members and state CP affiliates are there? Unknown! No official reports."

You alleged (but did not answer the gentleman's questions) that: *JR is actually lying. There is no secret.

Alright, this is your chance to prove the matter. If (as you allege) no secret exists, then how about producing the FULL credentials report?

A simple question.

It is not one beyond your capacity to answer, given that you evidently admit to being a material witness to the process, sir.

As a member of the Credentials Committee you should therefore have no issue with releasing what is supposed to be a public a matter of duty on you part...unless, that is, the quorum list is, in fact, secret.

FWW said...

Your post is also incredulously presumptuous.

*If there was not a quorum, why didn't you object when the meeting was called to order?...By not calling for division on the quorum, you accepted that a quorum was present.

First, I cannot help but note that by this, you necessarily admit that the full quorum report was in fact withheld; or rather that it was not presented in detail. In any case, your statement is presumptuous given that you presuppose my attendance.

Being with CP-Idaho, which was disaffiliated by the vote of the 2018 Idaho State Convention, I have no means by which to object to the introduction of a secreted quorum report.

Second, as you opened the door by this statement: *Even Montana, which had effectively dissolved and has NOT reapplied for credentials was counted as an affiliate was counted as an affiliate in determining the requisite number for a quorum* admit that your credentialing was suspect, in that you did accept, perhaps illegitimately, counting an affiliate (in this case Montana) so as to bring about the result sought...namely, that a requisite quorum existed.

Given that you claim to be witness to material facts, let me ask you directly, sir. Was Idaho included in the credentialing for quorum at Milwaukee? A simple question. Yes or no?

FWW said...

May I further ask, with specificity since you declare yourself witness to the process:

(1) What is the full LIST of the state affiliates your admittedly tainted credentialing accepted for quorum.

(2) What individuals, by name and by affiliate, were presumably present and counted as elected national committee members from this full list of state affiliates?

(3) Or, if non-elected national committee members, then by appointment under seal of the respective state central committees?

Lastly, may I also request (or appeal) that your response be scrubbed of your apparent animus?

After all, I ask simple questions. Surely those simple questions have straightforward and simple answers, what with you alleging to be a material witness. Your answers need not include the emotive hostility and insecurity thus far evidenced by way of your replies.

Cody Quirk said...

At this point JR, I wouldn't blame you if you packed up and left the Constitution Party; this is EXACTLY what I went through with them back in 2013 when I tried to hold inter-party dialogue with other constitutionalist third parties in order to achieve unification and even get the California AIP back -I got stabbed in the back and my efforts thrown under the bus by the executive committee and especially by Frank Fluckiger; and I see the cycle repeats itself; they don't like you JR because you want to break apart their corrupt fiefdom in the CP and undo the dominance of these GOP plants and narcissists in keeping the CP as the stagnant spent force that it has become.

Glad I'm a Libertarian now; the LP is the only Tree of Liberty in American politics that bears good fruit -and results.

Cody Quirk said...


The same forces that drove me from the CP has driven out others, and two ballot-qualified state affiliates (Idaho & Oregon) included.

FWW said...

I guess John CPMO just doesn't want to answer. That the gentleman coyly demurs is probably a wise decision for self preservation.

Look, the gentleman impeaches himself by his own statements!

How? He first states this, regarding Mr. Myers: *He [Myers] withheld his quorum proxy.*

Yet John CPMO then admits: *Even Montana, which had effectively dissolved and has NOT reapplied for credentials was counted as an affiliate was counted as an affiliate in determining the requisite number for a quorum.*

So, you have a withheld proxy that was, by John CPMO's admission, counted to establish a quorum!

Prima facie, given this apparent admission is made by a member of the National Credentials Committee, you necessarily have a National Committee including Montana in order to achieve quorum over the objections expressed in Montana's withheld proxy! It does not get any more corrupt than that.

Let's see whether John CPMO has the stones to come back in reply.

But based on the gentleman's admission thus far, the entire National Committee results at least in Milwaukee are tainted, including any resolutions allegedly passed or rejected.

How can it be otherwise? The gentleman impeaches himself. And yet has the gall to accuse others of lying? Do tell.

FWW said...

Hey Quirk, BTW. I'm more or less pulled out of all political stuff. On occasion I might engage, but mostly not.

Instead, I'm now doing this:

A more enjoyable pursuit than dealing with votary personality cultists and political sycophant groupies in the national CP.

Cody Quirk said...

I understand.
I'm pursuing non-political goals myself currently.
That stuff will drain you in the long run if you get too deep and dealing with infighting all the time, especially with the soap opera that is the CP.

J.R.Myers said...

I am leaving the National CP. I will be writing a story/making a formal announcement soon. The CP has abandoned its foundational principles.

J.R.Myers said...