Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Libertarian, United Utah Chairs Lobby Legislature to Eliminate Straight-Party Voting Option

Utah State Senator Dan Hemmert, Utah Libertarian Party State Chair Dr. Joe Buchman, and Utah State Representative Brady Brammer at the podium of the Utah State Senate Chamber. 

by Joseph Buchman, Independent Political Report

UPDATE: Friday 1 March 2019 – The Bill passed the Utah House 48 to 21 and has gone on to the state Senate. Individual votes can be found HERE.
HB 259 is a bill proposed by Utah State Representative Patrice Arent (D) and Utah State Senator Curtis Brammer (R) to “remove provisions from the Election Code that allow an individual to cast a vote for all candidates from one political party without voting for the candidates individually.”
The complete text of the bill can be found HERE.
During a hearing before the House Government Operations Committee on 20 February 2019 the following two of the seven chairs of qualified political parties in Utah testified in favor of the Bill – Dr. Richard Davis, Chair of the United Utah Party; and Dr. Joseph Buchman, Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party...
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