Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Libertarian Polls 28.4% in Four-Way Rhode Island Special Legislative Election

Ballot Access News

Rhode Island held a special election on March 5, to fill the vacancy in the 68th Representative district. There were four candidates on the ballot, a Democrat, a Libertarian, and two independents. The Libertarian, William Hunt Jr., placed second with 28.4%. The Democratic nominee won the seat with 39.8%. The State Board of Elections still doesn’t have these election returns on its web page, but this story has the votes, if one reads all the way down and looks at the picture of the vote totals on the blackboard. Also see this Ballotpedia page.
When this same seat was up in November 2018, Hunt had polled 35.6%, but that was a two-person race. Thanks to Bob Johnston for this news.

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