Sunday, March 24, 2019

Don Blankenship Will Speak at Constitution Party National Committee Meeting on May 4

Ballot Access News

Don Blankenship will speak at the national committee meeting of the Constitution Party, set for May 4 in Milwaukee. Blankenship was formerly CEO of Massey Energy, and he was the Constitution Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate in West Virginia in 2018.
He was sentenced to prison for one year in April 2016, for breaking federal mine safety rules, although that was a misdemeanor conviction, not a felony conviction. He is currently suing several news agencies for falsely reporting that he had been convicted of a felony. He also continues to challenge the correctness of his conviction.
Often, when prominent people speak at minor party national meetings, that is a sign they are thinking of seeking the presidential nomination of such parties.


J.R.Myers said...

Run, Don, run!

NewFederalist said...

Finally! A post that's NOT a video!