Sunday, February 17, 2019

Trouble in the Constitution Party: 'Peas in a pod'

Published on the Constitution Party of Idaho's website on 02/10/19
They’ll fit right in.
We cannot help but note on the international scene that Algeria’s ailing octogenarian President, the 82-year old Abdelaziz Bouteflika, after four consecutive five-year terms, will seek yet another. Why, and to what end, we do not hope to fathom. Some are just addicted to the raiment of power, perhaps.
Already in office, and theoretically in control for twenty years, Bouteflika just cannot seem to let go of what remains of his tight fist grasp. Bouteflika suffered a stroke way back in 2013 (over six years ago).  Apparently, Algeria doesn’t exercise anything like the U.S.’s 25th Amendment…but we also note that neither does the national Constitution Party…or for that matter any of the other political parties…from the late Michigan Democrat Representative Dingle to the late Arizona Republican Senator McCain…to Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg.
That Algerian stroke, incidentally, has effectively kept the ailing Bouteflika out of public view, throughout the whole of his preceding five year term. Thus, back room boys seem to be operating the show. Someone has been. After all, it hasn’t been Bouteflika.
Ah well.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Whether Bouteflika’s fit to remain in the presidency of the gas-rich North African nation apparently has no standing.  He’s “entitled” to what seems to be a permanent deferment of expectations that a  national executive be capable, or at least cognizant and more or less breathing.  In this, Bouteflika has some bosom buddies on this side of the pond…in the national Constitution Party.
CP-Idaho dares to suggests that the image projected by the national Constitution Party (with whom CP-Idaho is no longer affiliated) is epitomized by Algeria’s Bouteflika. You could not ask for a better.  Unable to release his grasp on power, unfit because of his latent incapacity and unwilling to step aside…Bouteflika is the perfect face for the national CP.  He more or less sums up the matter…namely “the same old”.
So how about it? Will the national CP replace their new stylized animal logo that they currently cheese around in their political advertisements with a handsome mugshot of Bouteflika instead? The national CP’s octogenarians would absoluteley fit right in that “cutting edge” social club of modernity, eh?
(And we do realize that this is all predicated upon whether New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo will permit Bouteflika’s mug in the Empire State.)
If not, then we’ll put this one forward for consideration:

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