Friday, February 15, 2019

Correction: Alaskan Independence Party Hangs On

-- News from the Alaska Division of Elections monthly voter registration report. --

Active since the 1970's, and made an official Political Party in 1984 by court decree, the Alaskan Independence Party has for the first time, as of 2/7/19, fallen below 3% of registered voters, the minimum requirement to maintain Political Party status in Alaska.  Upon a more careful reading of the Alaska Division of Elections website, it was determined that the threshold is based upon another standard.  That is enough registered voters to equal or exceed 3% of the total vote last cast for Governor in 2018.  Which was 284,891 votes.  Three percent of that is 8,546.  The AIP now has 16,429 voters.  While this ballot restriction has effectively displaced all other alternative parties in Alaska such as the Libertarians, Greens and Constitution, the AIP will continue to be recognized as a political party with ballot access.  

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