Wednesday, December 19, 2018

November 2018 U.S. House Totals by Party

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All states have finished their official vote tallies except for West Virginia.  The national totals for U.S. House by party (using the unofficial West Virginia returns, which will probably be almost exactly like the official ones) are:
Democratic  60,447,537; Republican 50,751,049; Libertarian 768,015; Green 224,919; Working Families 217,172; Conservative 207,094; Independent Parties (of Connecticut, Louisiana and Oregon) 74,672; Reform 66,579; Constitution 59,972; Independence Parties (of Minnesota and New York) 57,463; Working Class 53,102; Women’s Equality 41,317; United Utah 36,177; Legal Marijuana Now 15,791; American 15,011; Progressive 10,758; Independent American of Utah 6,686; Liberty Union 3,924; and Socialist Equality 2,213.
The Republican share of the vote, 44.67%, is its lowest share for US House since 2008, when it was 42.94%.
For accuracy, all data was checked against data in the Cook Political Report.  The national totals don’t agree because the Cook Political Report, and also Ballotpedia, assign to the major parties the vote cast for minor parties that participated in fusion.  BAN disagrees with this approach because if the voter chooses to vote for a minor party, it seems that voter’s vote should be recorded for the party that the voter actually chose.

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