Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Gary Johnson Had Coattails for Other New Mexico Libertarian Candidates in 2018

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Gary Johnson was the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate from New Mexico this year, and he polled 15.38%.  It is clear that the Johnson Senate campaign also boosted the vote totals for other New Mexico Libertarian candidates in 2018.  The party polled 4.98% for U.S. House in the New Mexico districts that it contested.  That was the best showing in the nation for Libertarians for U.S. House, except that in Utah, the lone Libertarian for U.S. House polled 5.00%.
New Mexico Libertarians had not even run for U.S. House since 1996, when the single nominee polled 2.21%, so 2018 was quite a change for New Mexico Libertarian involvement in U.S. House elections.
Also, the New Mexico Libertarian Party had three nominees for statewide state executive positions.  It polled 5.00% for Secretary of State, 4.76% for Attorney General, an 5.77% for Land Commissioner.  Again, these were the best showings for Libertarians for statewide state offices anywhere in the nation in 2018, except that in Montana the Libertarian nominee for Clerk of the State Supreme Court received 5.99%.  Also, for purposes of this blog post, all Libertarians running in races with only one major party opponent are excluded.  Without that exclusion, the best Libertarian state for U.S. House would have been Washington, where a Libertarian running against a Democrat, and no other opponents, received 28.71%.

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