Sunday, December 2, 2018

Favorable Ruling from Utah Elections Office Keeps Green Party on the Ballot

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The Utah State Elections office has ruled that when a party submits a party petition, it is automatically on for the next two elections, not just one election. This means that the Green Party is still ballot-qualified in Utah.
The law is quite clear that when a party meets the vote test, it gets the next two elections. But it had not been clear as to whether a petition also yields the next two elections. The Green Party did not do the party petition in Utah in 2016, but it did it during 2017, for the 2018 election. At the 2018 election, it did not poll enough votes to meet the 2% vote test. But the new ruling allows it to also be on for 2020. It is much easier for parties to meet the vote test in presidential years, because all the statewide state offices are up in presidential years. Thanks to Charles Sherrouse for this news.

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