Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Vermont Progressive Party Elected Nine State Legislators

Ballot Access News

Last week, nine candidates who were members of the Progressive Party of Vermont, and whose ballot label showed they were Progressive Party members, were elected. This is the same number the party elected in 2016.
The two winners in the State Senate are incumbents Christopher Pearson and Anthony Pollina.
The house winners are: Brian Cina, Selene Colburn, Diana Gonzalez, Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, Mollie S. Burke, Zacariah Ralph, and Sandy Haas.
Vermont permits fusion. When a party is the nominee of two parties, the candidate’s party of membership is listed first, followed by the name of any other party that also nominated that candidate. Some, but not all, of the elected Progressives also had the nomination of the Democratic Party.

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