Sunday, November 4, 2018

See the Tennessee Ballot, with the Largest Number of Candidates for a Statewide Office in a Regularly-Scheduled Election in U.S. History

Ballot Access News

This year the Tennessee November ballot has 28 candidates for Governor. There is one Republican, one Democrat, and 26 with the label “independent.” This is the largest number of candidates ever printed on a U.S. general election ballot for a statewide office, in a regularly-scheduled election. See the ballot here. The first page, the second page, and the third page, have nothing but gubernatorial candidates.
The chief reason there are so many is that the Tennessee Libertarian Party wanted to publicize how silly the state’s ballot access laws are. The state only requires 25 signatures for an independent candidate, but 33,844 signatures for a newly-qualifying party. So the party qualified 15 Libertarians to run as independents for Governor. There is also a Green Party candidate who qualified as an independent, and the remaining 10 are actual independents. The Green is Yvonne Neubert. The Libertarians are Sherry Clark, Justin Cornett, Gabriel Fancher, Sean Fleming, William Helmstetter, Cory King, Matthew Koch, Alfred Rapoza, Heather Scott, George Smith, Jeremy Stephenson, Tracy Tisdale, Mike Toews, Vinnie Vinyard, and Jaron Weidner.

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