Wednesday, November 7, 2018 '2018 Midterm Election Results Include a Lot for Libertarians to Like: Reason Roundup'


by Elizabeth Nolan Brown,

There's a little bit for everybody—even libertarians—to love in last night's election results. And a little for everyone to hate, too, of course. For now, let's focus mostly on the good, which includes a once-again divided government, the ousting of some truly terrible legislators, the passage of pro-marijuana and criminal justice reform ballot measures, the failure of an attempt to take down Nevada brothels, and the re-election of the few friends of liberty we have in Washington.

U.S. House and Senate Races

The big election night news is that Democrats regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives while Republicans grew their ranks and held on to their majority in the Senate.
"As election results go, that's about the best possible outcome," suggests Eric Boehm. "Not only that, but it's an outcome that allows, for one night at least, the faintest hope that the crazy train of American politics over the past two years may be slowing to a more sensible pace."

On the federal front, the 2018 midterm elections also brought us...
• the re-election of Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie and Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, both part of the Republican Party but the closest thing we've got to libertarian leaders in Congress...
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