Saturday, November 24, 2018

Former Prohibition Party Member Reforms American Free Soil Party

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by Adam Seaman

Reverend Dr. Jimmy Clifton, formally of the Prohibition Party for 30+ years, has re-formed the Free Soil Party calling it the "American Free Soil Party".  The party platform which is extensive, will focus on justice for immigrants and combating discrimination among other things.

From 1848 to 1854, the party existed as an anti-slavery political party that nominated 2 tickets for the presidential elections of 1848 and 1852.   The nominees included former President Martin Van Buren and his running mate Charles Adams, son of former President John Q. Adams.

"It was a human rights party (against slavery) that believed in the equality of all and in the worth and dignity of all people. I thought a revival with a slightly different name would continue its historic tradition as we addressed the immigration issue, specifically, and other discrimination issues in general--gays, blacks, Muslims, etc. Thought the term "free soil" would also be as appropriate today (Hispanic and Latino immigrants) as it was originally (slaves)"
Rev. Dr. Jimmy Clifton, Founder
The AFSP was started in 2014 but has laid dormant since 2017.  The AFSP plans to nominate a ticket for the 2020 presidential election.  If you wish to become involved or a member follow the links below:

American Free Soil Party Facebook Page

American Free Soil Party Website


American Free Soil Party said...

Thank you, Mr. Seaman, for the write-up. Am also a member of the Libertarian Party but will let my membership expire and not renew. I have made wonderful friends in both the Prohibition and Libertarian parties but it's time to move on and work under a more centrist, realistic, pragmatic, and compassionate platform.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the 13th Amendment APPROVES of slavery as punishment for convicted criminals. Lots of free labor available in our prison system right now. I say, put the whips on them and put 'em to work rebuilding our roads and bridges! And even more so for illegals who are caught. Once they've been worked like animals and thrown over the wall, they'll certainly think twice about trying to sneak back in.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution is outdated and needs a complete revision and overhaul to more adequately reflect our morals, ethics, principles, and values as a compassionate, humane, and civil society.