Sunday, November 11, 2018

American Solidarity Party of Ohio and Prohibition Party of Ohio enter into a Coalition

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by Adam Seaman

On October 18, 2018 the State Committee of the American Solidarity Party of Ohio (ASP-OH) unanimously voted to enter into a coalition with the Prohibition Party of Ohio, with the minutes of this meeting being submitted by ASP-OH Secretary Dr. Michael Liccione. Mr. Rick Knox, the chairman of the Prohibition Party, reciprocally approved this coalition on October 29, 2018. The state committee of this Christian Democratic party includes Dr. John Das (Chairman), Dr. Michael Liccione (Secretary), Br. Brennan Baker (Treasurer), Mr. Michael Abdelshahid (At-large Officer), and Mr. Conrad Miller (At-large Officer). The American Solidarity Party of Ohio views this coalition as an opportunity for electoral fusion, welcoming the fact that the Prohibition Party is willing to endorse and support its candidates. Mr. Knox, Chairman of the Prohibition Party, said that “both parties agree on a multitude of issues and should work together for the common good.” The chairman of the American Solidarity Party of Ohio, Dr. Das, stated that both organizations feel similarly on social issues such as the importance of the family unit, as well as promote environmentalism and renewable energy sources. Having taken a Lenten pledge of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association for that liturgical season in 2017 and being a member of the Independent Order of Rechabites, he personally values the idea of temperance and believes that most individuals in the American Solidarity Party, citing a consistent life ethic, would probably support the addition of labels on alcoholic beverages that warn of their carcinogenic properties, as well as their potential to cause fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), though they would not outright support prohibition, which is a unique characteristic of the Prohibition Party. Perhaps it is time that other third parties see the example of the American Solidarity Party of Ohio and the Prohibition Party of Ohio and find common ground in order to provide a united front to uphold the dignity of the human person, while also advocating for social justice in the world.

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