Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Alaska Libertarian Party is Probably Close to Re-Qualifying for the Ballot

Ballot Access News

Parties in Alaska are qualified in advance of a presidential election if they either polled 3% for Governor, or if they have registration equal to 3% of the total vote cast for Governor. In 2014 the Alaska Libertarian Party received over 3% of the vote for Governor, so its registration was immaterial as to qualified status in 2016.
In 2018, the party polled 1.85% for Governor, below 3%. Therefore, it needs registration of 3% of the gubernatorial vote to be qualified for 2020. As of the November 3, 2018 registration tally, it has 7,442, a slight increase from the previous months’ tally. Alaska won’t know the final vote cast for Governor until November 16. The election night total was 239,946, but that doesn’t include the absentee votes. Chances are the party will only need a few hundred more registrations in order to be qualified.

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