Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Washington Post: 'The Trailer: The Three-Party Problem'

by David Weigel, Washington Post

Gary Johnson talking with a potential supporter in Santa Fe (Washington Post)
In this edition: Why this isn't the year of the Independent, why early voting is up again in Texas, why West Virginia Republicans are talking about impeachment, and why a new revelation could dramatically change Florida's race for governor.
I've been told I have an independent streak, and this is The Trailer.
SANTA FE, N.M. – “We’ve done a lot of Hemp Fests,” said Gary Johnson, as he walked into the cluster of tents and booths that had temporarily taken over a city park.
For the next hour, the Libertarian candidate for Senate sipped off-market health drinks, extolled the medical virtues of the marijuana plant and talked to voters who were sick of supporting Republicans and Democrats. He’d traveled to Native American reservations and to comic conventions, arguing that 2018 was a year for political disruption.
“What the Libertarian Party desperately needs is a win,” Johnson said. “This could be the penetration of the two-party system, which is really exciting.”..
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