Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Word “Socialist” Has Almost Disappeared from U.S. Ballots

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For federal and state office in November 2018, there is only one candidate with the word “socialist” next to his or her name. She is Maia Dendinger, Socialist Party nominee, running for Maine state senate, 5th ditrict.
The Socialist Equality Party has a candidate for congress in Michigan, but because it didn’t do the statewide petition, its candidate must have “independent” as a ballot label. It also ran two candidates in California, but because of the top-two system, they are not on the November ballot. And even in the primary, they were forced to have the label “party preference: none.”
The Freedom Socialist Party had a candidate on the Washington primary ballot for U.S. Senate, but he also was not able to be on the November ballot.
The Socialist Alternative Party has in the recent past run candidates for the Washington legislature, but it did not do so this year.
Socialist Action tried to place a candidate on the Connecticut ballot, but its petition was a few hundred signatures short.
The Socialist Workers Party has nominated twenty candidates for federal or state office, but none of them is on the ballot.

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