Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Proposed Resolution to Allow CP NatCom Meetings Via Internet

Gary Welch of Utah is proposing this for debate and adoption at the CP NatCom Meeting in Dallas in November.

Proposal for a Resolution to the National Committee of the Constitution Party
Resolution to Provide States With the Opportunity to Participate in the National Committee Meeting via a Web Conference

Whereas, Section 2.6 of the Constitution Party Bylaws were modified to allow National Committee Meetings via electronic means upon approval of the National Committee and
Whereas, the costs and difficulties associated with having Committee Members attend personally at a physical location are cost prohibited (normally costing around $1000 per person) and
Whereas, the means are available to hold a National Committee via a Web Conference at a much-reduced cost to the members and to the party in general and
Whereas, a National Committee via a Web Conference would provide the ability for more states to have representatives present at the National Committee
Therefore, the Constitution Party for the State of __________ proposes this Resolution to the National Committee of the Constitution Party:
Be it Proposed that, starting with the Spring 2019 National Committee Meeting, and continuing with every Spring National Committee Meeting thereafter, that every State Affiliation that is allowed to participate in the National Committee Meeting be permitted to have some or all of their National Committee Members attend via Web Conference.
The National Executive Committee is hereby tasked to make the necessary arrangements and expend the necessary costs in order to facilitate the ability for State Affiliations to participate via a Web Conference.
In making these preparations that National Executive Committee shall ensure that:
  1. That proper Web Conference software and hardware is utilized to ensure a secure and proper connection with the State Affiliates and to facilitate full participation including video and voice connections that will allow all National Committee members, both physically attending the National Committee Meeting and remotely attending, to be able to fully participate in discussions with each other with little to no disruption in service.
  2. Assignment of Committee Members and personnel is made to provide technical assistance at both the physical site for the National Committee Meeting and at each remote site.
  3. Proper credentialing of National Committee Members is achieved for those that are attending via the Web Conference and that proper voting procedures are established for remote locations.
  4. All State Affiliates are given proper notification and directions regarding the procedures to participate via Web Conference, no later than 60 days prior to the National Committee Meeting.
The National Executive Committee shall provide an instruction manual to the respective State Chairpersons to provide proper guidance and instructions. After proper revision and updating after the Spring 2019 National Committee Meeting, the instruction manual shall be presented to the National Committee at the Fall 2019 Meeting for approval and adoption as protocol for all future National Committee Meetings that will be held in the Spring.
This resolution does not apply to the Fall National Committee Meetings nor the National Convention. For those meetings, the use of Web Conferencing will only be authorized in emergency situations as approved by the National Executive Committee per Constitution Party Bylaws.

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