Saturday, October 13, 2018

Prohibition Party to Hold National Conferance on November 13th

Independent Political Report

The Prohibition Party’s National Conference will soon be coming. Typically, the presidential national conference happens during the summer of the prior to the election year. But this time it was decided to hold the conference early. The 2020 national conference will be held a week after the November elections, on November 13th, 8:00 pm. Like the conference for the 2016 election, this conference will be done electronically. The business of the conference will include selecting a President and Vice-Presidental candidate, as well as developing the 2020 Prohibition Party platform. All members who are current with their annual party dues will be able to participate.
Party Treasurer Jim Hedges sent out the following message about the conference.
“There will be a conference call, an “electronic convention,” on November 13th of all “paid up” members of the Prohibition Party. The agenda of this call will include nominating our national ticket for the 2020 election."..
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