Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Libertarian Larry Sharpe Brings New Ideas to New York: New at Reason

by John Stossel & Maxim Lott

In New York, Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo wants to raise taxes.
But John Stossel interviews an interesting candidate with a different plan–Libertarian Larry Sharpe. He proposes alternative ways to raise money.
One idea is to lease naming rights on public infrastructure.
"The Triborough Bridge could be called the Staples Bridge, or the Apple Bridge," Sharpe explains to Stossel. "Hundreds of thousands of vehicles pass by, and see that big sign. That's valuable!"
Most people we asked on the street didn't like his idea. "I definitely wouldn't want to rename something after some sort of corporation," one man told us.
Sharpe says it's necessary, "You can shake your fist and say 'this doesn't sound good' if you want to. And you're going to wind up in a place where the tax burden is insanely high." That, he points out, would lead to more businesses and people leaving New York...
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