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Constitution Party Proposed Bylaws Changes for November NCM in Dallas: Article IV - Standing Committees



The following six (6) committees shall be standing committees and shall be filled by the national committee members during a regularly scheduled national committee meeting. Should a vacancy occur, the national committee shall fill the vacancy at the next meeting. Notification of such vacancies shall be given by the committee chairman to the Secretary of the national committee. The Secretary shall notify all national committee members within 30 days of the next national committee meeting of any vacancies. The Chairmen of these committees shall be selected by the members of each committee. The Chairman of each committee shall serve as a member of the National Committee and the Executive Committee with all the same privileges of the Officers of the National Committee. All members of the Committees must be members of an officially affiliated state party.

  1. Finance Committee responsibilities:
  1. 6 members plus the Treasurer
  2. Elect a Chairman (not the Treasurer)
  3. The role of the Finance Committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for and to the national committee. Duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Develop an annual operating budget for the Party.
  • Approve the budget within the finance committee.
  • Monitor adherence to the budget.
  • Set long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them.
  • Develop multi-year operating budgets that integrate strategic plan objectives and initiatives.
  1. Present all financial goals and proposals to the national committee for approval.
  1. Legal Committee responsibilities:
  1. 5 members
  2. Elect a Chairman
  3. The role of the Legal Committee is primarily to provide legal advice to the national committee and all state affiliates. Duties include, but are not limited to:
  • While it is necessary for each state to have their own lawyer, who can represent them in their state, typically many of these legal representatives know very little about ballot access and the fight involved.
  • It will be the responsibility of this committee to provide legal counselling for those states which need it.

  1. Ballot Access Committee (BAC) responsibilities:
  1. The BAC shall consist of 5 members plus a non-voting liaison from the Legal Committee.
  2. Elect a Chairman
  3. No one collecting signatures for hire may sit on this committee as a voting member. They may, however, be called upon in an advisory role only due to the obvious conflict of interest.
  4. The role of the Ballot Access Committee (BAC) is primarily to provide legal advice to the national committee and all state affiliates. Duties include, but are not limited to:
  • The BAC will maintain the ballot access strategy for the party.
  • The BAC will work with the state party and track the progress of any ballot access initiative going on within that state and provide time updates to the national and executive committees.
  • The BAC will be responsible for contracting with those getting signatures for hire when funds from the national party are used for that effort.
  • The BAC chairman will be responsible for the national budget line item for ballot access.
  • The BAC will work closely with the Regional Chairman of their region.

  1. Public Relations and Communications Committee responsibilities:
  1. 6 members
  2. The National Committee shall elect the “National Communications Director” who shall serve as the chairman of this committee. Subcommittee Chairmen are the members of the PR and Communications committee.
  3. The role of the Public Relations and Communications Committee is to respond to current events of the day with a unified message of response. The duties of this committee are divided into 5 subcommittees to act on their various roles within the committee. Subcommittee chairmen can staff their committees as required.
  4. Sub-Committees:
  1. Communications - Role is to respond to current events of the day with a unified message of response. Also, to be the Point of Contact for the various mediums, such as newspaper, radio, and television.
  2. Social Media – To be in charge of the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other form of social media. The role of the Social Media Committee is primarily to carry the unified message of current event responses to all social media outlets.

  1. Website - Responsible for maintaining, updating and keeping the Party’s website current.
  2. Newsletter - Works with the chairman to produce the Howard Philips Legacy and other newsletters. Works with the Fundraising person from the finance committee, as this is one of the methods of fundraising for the party.
  3. Special Events
  • Develop and maintain a budget for special events.
  • Coordinate what event s should be attended by the national party
  • Make sure a presence is established.

  1. Candidate Committee
  1. The Candidate Committee shall consist of a Chairman and 5 subcommittee chairmen
  2. SUB-COMMITTEES (Suggested)
  1. Candidate Recruiting - It seems that in the past we have just merely waited around until the National Convention to see who may happen to throw their hat in the ring for the Presidential nomination. This has not afforded the party the best opportunity to ensure that the party is presenting the best possible candidate.
  2. Candidate Vetting - One of the major roles of the Candidate Committee is to vet any candidate that comes to the Constitution Party seeking its nomination. A vetting questionnaire will be developed and be posted on the Constitution Party website.
  3. Candidate Training - Another important role of the Candidate Committee will be to provide candidate training to ensure that our candidates can win.
  4. Campaign Consultants - When the Candidate Committee is not actively involved with a National Candidate, they will be assisting states with their recruiting/vetting/training efforts.
  5. Beachhead initiative - The candidate committee will be responsible for developing local, regional, and national beachhead strategies. There should be a coordination with the Ballot Access Committee.

  1. Credentials Committee
  1. The Credentials Committee shall consist of:
  1. For the National Committee Meeting – 6 members.
  2. For the Convention – the chairman elected for the National Committee Meeting will serve as the Convention Credentials Committee chairman, but the committee will be staffed (filled) as outlined in Article V (the third paragraph)
  1. Perform the duties of qualifying states for affiliation as outlined in Section 2.2
  2. Develop, maintain, and publish the records of state affiliation.
  3. Affirm the qualifications of each voting member within the National Committee, based on the state’s affiliation status.
  4. This Committee shall verify and affirm the qualifications of each National Committee Member to serve and vote, namely that each is a duly authorized representative from an officially recognized CP state affiliate in good standing.


There is no original article for standing committees.

The original Article IV was for “National Conventions.” That Article has now become Article V.

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