Monday, September 10, 2018

Socialist Workers Party: A Socialist Campaign To Shake Up West Virginia

The following interview with SWP candidate Elliott Pritt was originally published on the Socialist Workers Party Website.

Q: WHAT INSPIRED you to take the step to run for office as an open revolutionary socialist?

A: I WAS raised in a very conservative household. It was church three days a week, and my dad was really active in our local county Republican Party. He was good friends with Tom Fast, one of the Republican incumbents I am running against now, and I remember going door-to-door as a kid for Tom’s campaigns.

My dad passed away two years ago from a rare form of bone cancer. During the last six months, while he was dying, the opioid pills they were giving him made him so sick that he couldn’t keep food down.

At the same time while my dad was going through this, there was a debate on the floor of the West Virginia legislature about cannabis legalization. Tom Fast, who knew what my dad was going through, had spoken out against cannabis several times, citing biblical scriptures and religious, right-wing ideology.

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