Friday, August 31, 2018

WYFF: SC Political Party Figures to Play Role in Creation of New, National Alternative

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No American Party candidate has won a seat in South Carolina. That’s not stopping the party’s chairman from dreaming bigger dreams.

Jim Rex spent part of his introduction of U.S. House candidate Guy Furay talking about a trip to Colorado that could ultimately change the landscape of American politics.

South Carolina could be the starting point.

“If you look at history,” Rex told WYFF News 4 Investigates, “you’ll see this state has often been in a leadership role when it comes to rebellion, revolution, and a sense of independence.”

The American Party could be the format.

“It could become that,” Rex said. “We are meeting with nine other states that have similar parties that support independent candidates. We’re going to continue to talk about it for 2020, whether it’s some type of alliance, a national alliance, that might potentially field a presidential candidate.”

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