Tuesday, August 28, 2018

World Socialist Website: Socialist Equality Party candidate Niles Niemuth speaks at election meeting in Brownstown, Michigan

Niles Niemuth

The following was originally published in the World Socialist Website

Niles Niemuth, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 12th District, spoke to a well-attended meeting Wednesday in Brownstown, a suburb of Detroit in the Downriver area. The meeting was attended by supporters from throughout southeastern Michigan, who were eager to help with Niles’s campaign.
While building for the meeting the previous week, SEP campaigners encountered a warm reception and a growing interest in socialism in the predominantly working-class region, which has been devastated by plant closures and layoffs over the past four decades.

“We are running a different type of election campaign,” Niles said in his opening remarks. “I am running for Congress in Michigan’s 12th district as a member of the Socialist Equality Party to help spearhead the fight for an independent revolutionary movement of workers and young people that takes direct aim at the capitalist system under conditions of unprecedented inequality, the danger of world war and the racist assault on immigrants and refugees.”

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