Friday, August 24, 2018

Star Tribune: The Constituiton Party Candidate for Wyoming Governor Accuses GOP of Conspiracy Against Their Own Candidate

The following was originally published in the Star Tribune.

Wyoming’s Constitution Party candidate for governor Rex Rammell alleged Thursday, without evidence, that the state Republican Party was planning to undermine its own nominee, State Treasurer Mark Gordon, in his bid for governor this November.
That was news to the state party chairman, Frank Eathorne, however, who said he had no knowledge of anyone in the party reaching out to Rammell, adding that the party would stick by its candidate.
On Thursday, Rammell — a perennial candidate for various offices in Wyoming and Idaho — said unnamed “high ranking party officials” had urged him to switch from the Republican Party to a third party back in May in the anticipation that Gordon, rather than a more conservative candidate, would win the Republican Primary.

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