Friday, August 3, 2018

Socialist Equality Party (US) Holds Fifth National Congress

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The Socialist Equality Party in the United States held its Fifth National Congress July 22-27 in Southeast Michigan. The main Congress resolution, “The Upsurge of the Class Struggle and the Tasks of the Socialist Equality Party,” was the subject of an extensive discussion. After four days of debate, which included proposals for amending or clarifying different sections of the draft document, the resolution was adopted unanimously.

The Congress also adopted a resolution condemning the persecution of Julian Assange and calling for an international campaign to secure his freedom.

The Congress elected a new National Committee of the SEP. It reelected David North as national chairperson of the party. The incoming National Committee reelected Joseph Kishore as national secretary, Lawrence Porter as assistant national secretary and Barry Grey as the US national editor of the World Socialist Web Site.

The SEP Congress registered a substantial influx of new members, from all parts of the United States, into the party since the Fourth Congress, held in 2016. The newly elected National Committee includes many members who have joined the party in the past five years...

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