Thursday, August 30, 2018

Park Record: Eric Eliason, United Utah congressional candidate, plans stop in Park City

The following was originally published in the Park Record

A third-party candidate in the contest for the congressional seat that includes Park City and surrounding Summit County plans to make a campaign stop in Old Town on Tuesday, a bid to broaden support in a community that is seen as one of the state's few reliably Democratic outposts but one that he hopes to sway with a strong environmental plank.

Eric Eliason is seeking the 1st Congressional District seat now held by the Republican Rep. Rob Bishop. Eliason and Democrat Lee Castillo are attempting to topple an incumbent who has dismissed challengers by wide margins over the years. Democrats have long counted on Park City and Summit County in congressional elections even as the Republican candidate amasses large blocs of votes elsewhere on the way to large Election Day victories.

Eliason's presence on the ballot, though, could put Park City and Summit County in play. That may split votes between himself and Castillo, making it more difficult for either one of them to approach Bishop on Election Day if the incumbent enjoys his traditional numbers in the heavily GOP parts of the district...

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