Friday, August 31, 2018

Oneida Daily Dispatch: New York Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe Visits Madison County

The following was originally published in The Oneida Daily Dispatch. 

Wampsville, N.Y. >> While everyone looks at the red and blue candidates for governor, one candidate is asking the people to go gold.

Larry Sharpe is running for New York state governor as a libertarian and wants to make an impact on the political landscape. Sharpe owns his own trucking business, is a native New Yorker and a Marine Corps veteran.

Sharpe’s campaign approached the Madison Bistro in Wampsville a couple weeks ago and asked owner Victor Ramirez if Sharpe could host a meet and greet.

“Sharpe’s people put together the event on social media and I’m interested in learning what he has to say,” Ramirez said.

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