Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Link to Hawaii Primary Election Returns

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Hawaii held primaries on Saturday, August 11. All ballot-qualified parties in Hawaii must use the primary to nominate candidates. Hawaii has five parties: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Constitution. The Constitution Party didn’t have any candidates this year. Greens are running a gubernatorial candidate for the first time since 2006.

Independent candidates did well in the primary. Hawaii forces non-presidential independent candidates to run in the open primary, and they must outpoll a partisan winner, or else poll 10% of the total primary vote for their office, or they can’t be on the November ballot. All three independents for U.S. Senate outpolled the Libertarian. Also, both independent candidates for Governor outpolled the Green gubernatorial nominee. However, the law says that when more than one independent for a single office meets the primary vote test, only the highest vote-getting independent can appear on the general election ballot.

Here is a link to the unofficial returns.

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