Friday, August 3, 2018

Libertarians Win Three Partisan Elections in Tennessee

Ballot Access News

August 2 was primary day in Tennessee for federal and state office, and it was also general election day for county partisan office. Members of the Libertarian Party, running as independents, won three contested partisan county elections.

Stephen Chambers was elected Trousdale County Mayor in a two-person race, defeating the incumbent. Trousdale County is north central Tennessee.

Erika Ebel was elected County Commissioner in Smith County, district four. Smith County is also in north central Tennessee and borders Trousdale County.

Joshua Beale was elected County Commissioner in Montgomery County, district fourteen. Montgomery County is also in north central Tennessee.

The Libertarians were forced to run as independents because the Libertarian Party is not ballot-qualified. The petition for party status is so severe, no group has successfully used it since 1968. Even Americans Elect failed to complete the petition.

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