Wednesday, August 15, 2018

CPOW's Riley J. Hood: 'Fiction: The Pillar of Liberal Culture'

Riley J. Hood

by Riley J. Hood, Chairman, Milwaukee County Constitution Party

“Behold, ye trust in lying words that cannot profit:” Jeremiah 7:8

Liberals Love Fiction. Fiction is Liberal Scripture, the socialist author is the liberal prophet and their writings are taught by change agents in Public Schools. Such writers as Langston Hughes, F. Scott Fitzgerald; Ernest Hemingway and Lewis Sinclair are what passes for “secular sainthood.” This body of Liberal Scripture includes such works as “Elmer Gantry,” “Inherit the Wind,” and “Grapes of Wrath.”

To illustrate this point, the, “Hawaii” novels written by James Albert Michener; are Historical fiction. Michener viewed Hawaii as a paradise, until missionaries brought the Gospel to people. The facts state otherwise, regarding infanticide, human sacrifice, cannibalism and Pele worship. It was Christians who ended these practices on Hawaii. The Liberal must resort to fiction to put forth the “noble savage” view.

Liberal Science: Charles Darwin's writings are liberal scripture, and are not to be analyzed or rejected, unless you are one of those Creationists. Keynesian Economics: the fiction that debt equals prosperity. Marxist Economic Theory: This political fiction holds that the value of an item is set by the State, rather than set by the consumer's willingness to pay for that item. Communism works in the realm of fiction, it fails in reality.

Liberal Affections: The Liberal view of love is a romantic fruity feeling, the more rebellious, destructive and insulting; the better. It is expressed in romance novels, which are all silly fiction. “Love is love,” and “What one does in private doesn't affect your public morality,” are statements of liberal fiction. 

Liberal Commandments: Upon striking down the posting of the Ten Commandments, the liberal has post his politically correct slogans ubiquitously. “Gun Free Zone,” etc.

Why do Liberals love fiction? They are at enmity with God. We know that God is the Creator, and thus His Word is the arbitrator of what is true. The Liberal is too arrogant to accept reality so the Liberal must resort to fiction to promote his ideas.  Fiction is the only format where liberalism can function.

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin rejects liberalism. We don't embrace Liberal anything. Our Party Constitution reads, “ARTICLE II. – PURPOSES: C. To promote by all lawful and truthful means the election of Presidential and Vice Presidential, U.S. Senatorial, U.S. Representative, Gubernatorial, and all other candidates for State and Local offices nominated by CPoW and to assist in conducting and coordinating campaigns on their behalf.”

Note the words “lawful and truthful.” We do not base our Party on science fiction movies, such as the Matrix. We don't want you popping the “red pill” or any other colored pill. We will not engage in rumors or fiction. CPoW promotes what can be proven, and our goal is to put righteous men into position of civil authority, who are willing face the facts.

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