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Constitution Party of Idaho: 'A new day dawning'

A new day dawning
CPID State Chairman Floyd Whitley

Published on 08/06/18

Notes from the State Chairman:

The 2018 CP-Idaho state convention at Mountain Home is done. Several milestones merit mention.  Foremost, CP-Idaho decided to open its presidential primary to Unaffiliated voters.
We believe that these un-served voters generally have no early voice in the national candidate selection process. Further, independent voters are not represented in basic procedural governance such as state redistricting…which will occur with the upcoming 2020 census.
By opening the CP-Idaho presidential primary to these independents, our state party can better attract qualified and competent national “third party” constitutionally oriented candidates with the gumption to compete here in Idaho. By campaigning for this larger block of primary votes and by standing at public debate with distinguished competitors to discuss issue-specific concerns of citizens our voters can compare the responses and policies of the standing candidates at primary…and decide for themselves who has the better solutions.

As of August 2018, combined with just under 3,000 registered CP-Idaho voters, the potential pool for a CP-Idaho presidential primary candidate is 299,000 voters…a strong inducement for candidates to hone their campaign skills and message in Idaho.
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A new day is dawning for our state party. We have long held that our party’s future is found in serious campaign challenges by CP-Idahoans for Idaho’s local, state and federal offices. Expending resources on trying to win top down–the presidency–is a fool’s errand. That is akin to losing sight of the forest for the trees.

Without a cadre of competent state party-developed leaders any proxy-chosen  national candidate is no more than a empty shell game. There is nothing under the shells, despite how deftly they may be rearranged on the overturned cardboard box.

For our part, CP-Idaho continues to develop candidates, campaigns and policy. First, the 2018 state convention elected the following state party officers for the 2018-2020 term:
  • Floyd Whitley, State Chairman
  • Anthony Tomkins, State Vice Chairman
  • Raymond Writz, State Treasurer
  • Jasmine Barrett, State Secretary
  • Brett Lehto, State Youth Outreach Chairman
  • David Hartigan, State Chaplain; State Area 3 Chairman
  • Tony Ullrich, District 23 Chairman
Second, and more importantly, the slate of candidates listed on our 2018 candidate page was also endorsed.
  • Kirsten Richardson, State Senate District 8
  • Dan Weston, State Representative District 20B
  • Tony Ullrich, State Representative District 23B (Write In)
  • Anthony Tomkins, State Representative District 24B
  • Marvin Prolife Richardson, US Congress, District 1
  • Walter Bayes, Governor
Logo CP Idaho
We encourage our readers to get in touch with their CP-Idaho candidates. Send them your campaign support and volunteer time. In 2018, CP-Idaho has a real opportunity to elect several of our members to the Idaho Legislature. We are on the cusp of doing this year, in 2018, what has not been done in Idaho since 1926–namely, to elect state legislators under a “minor” party banner. But there is much work to do. We need your help and assistance to accomplish that.

At state convention, the party laid out its strong points. We discussed those areas that need improving. We set out our two year budget, balanced at $8,955. We are primed for the new day.
Please join us. Volunteer and please contribute. Ultimately that is the only road to realize a true citizen led government, one with seats at the table for the constitutionally minded citizens who support a limited government which provides solutions rather than divisions. Citizens must step up and participate.

Lastly, we appeal to your generosity. In the upcoming 2018 midterm election, we have spot ad placement needs in competitive races. Please consider donating to our literature fund for this purpose.  Even small individual donations–$5–when added together in total will help us put competitive display ad placements in key contested races this midterm. If we succeed in winning seats in the Idaho Legislature, and thus succeed in wedging apart the Democrat and Republican hegemony, the game of politics in Idaho will be changed we have no doubt. Be part of it. Be a citizen activist voter. Support CP-Idaho!

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