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Constitution Party of Idaho: '“A Cheap Date”–euphemistically speaking'

“A Cheap Date”–euphemistically speaking

Published on the Constitution Party of Idaho's website on 08/29/18

National CP has a cheap date reputation. It is well deserved.
Voters who cannot grasp what the national Constitution Party actually stands for should be excused their confusions. National has heavily advertised its “Three Pillars” shtick and the gimmickry that implies. Once the roll is actually called, and the mug shots booked, it’s more bunko than not.
The national party pretends a three-legged stool. Conceptually, that is solid. But this assumes three legs exist—Integrity, Liberty and Prosperity. Closer inspection reveals otherwise. A classic Ponzi scheme.
Prosperity—is not found in the national party, not after 26 years of operation. Any precursory review of its national accounts (such as may be determined from what they do report to the FEC) indicates a pauper’s purse.
Liberty—that too is missing. Particularly true when one compares the national party’s totalitarian (or theocratic…take your pick) refusal to base its nomination upon direct, verifiable, citizen-attached nomination ballots polled through respective: (1) state primaries, or (2) official state caucuses, or even (3) state nomination conventions that follow strict and secure democratic procedures.
Integrity—and then there’s that. The “I-word”.
The 2018 candidates foisted by state affiliates in the national Constitution Party across the country reads like a “Who’s Who” of Republican has-beens. That’s hardly a competent method to distinguish a party’s  identity.
Out in South Dakota a mass extermination of its state affiliate has occurred. It was brought about by the irresponsible intrusion by the national chairman, Frank Fluckiger, who impudently tried to inject his own desires into the South Dakota affiliate. His intrusions wholly violate the national party’s charter regarding “overreach” into state affairs [Constitution of the Constitution Party, Article III – State Affiliation, paragraph 3].
The national executive willfully breeches its own charter, and to what profit? Well, the removal of the affiliate from the ballot. So, it’s back to square one.
According to CP-South Dakota gubernatorial candidate Terry LaFleur, the national Constitution Party chairman sought to oust “the rightful chairman of the [South Dakota] party, Lori Stacey.” LaFleur says the national party plan was to create “their own Constitution Party in South Dakota.”  And here, rubber stamps are so difficult to come by these days…not.
A state party coup by two “former” South Dakota Republican has-beens was attempted. “Specifically Lora Hubbel and Gordon Howie”…one of whom (Hubbel) is described as “an on-again, off-again member of the Constitution Party.” Consistency in state party identity and development? No, not that either.
As to the current national party’s “distinguished” identity elsewhere, the 2018 Republican has-been list is rather long. The only dependable thing that can be said about the national party is that it has become an escort service for washed up Republicans.
Let’s see. There’s sore loser Republican Don Blakenship, candidate (Version 3.0) for West Virginia Governor. He actually did participate in the 2018 Republican primary—and came in third. Which is to say, he lost. Never mind that the gentlemanly thing to do would be to accede to the will expressed by  the partisan primary. But “disgruntled” Republican has-been Blankenship decided to use CP-West Virginia’s cheap date favors as a receptacle for his own frustrations. That ain’t “luv,” but hey.
West Virginia’s “Sore Loser” law was enacted by Legislature in 1919; so it’s no spring chicken. For our part, we find it to be an abomination to independent voters who champion liberty.  And not for the reason one might assume.
In 2009, it was amended to read: “Groups of citizens having no party organization may nominate candidates who are not already candidates in the primary election for public office otherwise than by conventions or primary elections.”
Nominate—other than by conventions or primary elections? Say wuh?
That ought to freeze the giblets off anyone who seeks to empower common rank and file independent and third party voters. The law as written abides small party juntas…it’s a Soviet Pravda-style seamy nominative process that places candidates on the West Virginia ballot. Red lights and all.
As for seamy identities “representing” the national Constitution Party this year, we note that the Republican sore loser Mr. Blakenship (now CP-West Virginia heir apparent) was convicted in December 2015, sentenced to a year in prison and fined $250,000 for conspiring to violate coal mine safety and health standards. Yeah, yeah…those dastardly “feds” and their intrusive regulations.
Blankenship’s company, Massey Energy—called “a towering presence in the Appalachian coal field operated its mines in a profoundly reckless manner”. Fully 515 federal safety violations apparently went unheeded in 2009, one year before the point was proved. The Upper Big Branch Mine that Massey Energy operated exploded killing 28 of 31 miners 1,000 feet below ground in a blast heard and felt seven miles away. 29 dead coal miners could have been spared, if only…Mr. Blankenship had an iota of “integrity”.
Meanwhile, perennial gubernatorial Republican loser Mr. Rex Rammell (now over in Wyoming) did not participate in Wyoming’s primary. Rammell, who was basically run out of Idaho, set up his shingle in Wyoming and continues to do what he always does—run for office. We are thankful that he has taken his rabblerousing and his incitement across the state line. Whether Wyoming will also tire of the gentleman, remains to be seen.
As for seeing, Rammell apparently considers himself quite the seer. Reading the tea leaves in May 2018, he deduced (in a Homer Simpson epiphany—Duh!) that he would not win the Wyoming Republican primary for Governor.  So, half way in, he pulled up stakes. Hence, he is now disingenuously campaigning as a newly declared quasi-Constitution Party guy–the “only true conservative” in the race, which is a self declared claim left over from the heyday of his Idaho runs.
Left over too is his perennial stoking of alleged conspiracies. Rammell has charged (without evidence) that the Republican Party is conspiring to elect him (now running as a CP-Wyoming standard bearer) because the “true” primary winner—Mark Gordon—“highjacked the party” as Mr. Rammell styled it. First, Mr. Rammell protests too much.
The Wyoming GOP was not “highjacked” by Mr. Gordon. Gordon won the primary…unless Mr. Rammell is now alleging the ballot counts are bad. More to the point, here you have Rammell running as a CP-Wyoming candidate who by implication is running “for” the Wyoming Republican party. He alleges a “Plan B” was consummated by unnamed “high ranking party officials” in the GOP. “High” is just about right, to the point of delusion.
Sadly, Rammell is not the only Republican loser candidate shaping the national CP’s reputation in 2018.
In Utah, there’s Tim Aalders running for US Senate.  Aalders, a Republican/IAP/Constitution Party/Republican/Whatever) does not even try to disguise that he considers himself a Republican candidate. According to, Mr. Aalders “is running commercials on radio stations throughout the state declaring he is the ‘only conservative Republican on the ballot.’”
So, he’s another Republican “using” (unfortunately, there’s other words for that) the cheap date Constitution Party.
Over in North Carolina, they too are fielding a couple disgruntled county Republicans (nee New CP). The problem in the Tarheel State is that the court has just struck down the State’s redistricting. Nobody knows who’s in or out.
And so it goes.
The national CP staggers from pimping significant national party money to the tainted Republican Roy Moore in Alabama last year to trying to thug and wheedle to keep CP-Idaho under domination, and inveigle to oust Idaho’s state party leadership which stood up to the national party out on the corner. The national party is drunk on its own lusts. Hoods all.
Little wonder the public is perplexed about the “true” identity of the national Constitution Party, as it careens all over the road, from the ditch of “easy” on the starboard side to the gutter of “sleazy” on the port. The level of its abject lewd demagoguery, to say nothing of recklessness, is hardly something the public wants to meet head on. Besides, bling has lost its allure.
Our view in Idaho is that the national party needs to be busted for its soliciting, and sent to rehab to dry out, with a check stop at the local clinic…just to make certain that its bill of health is clean.

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