Sunday, August 12, 2018

Constitution Party candidate accuses Republicans of sabotaging party

Terry LaFleur

by Johnathan Ellis

South Dakota’s smallest political party is in danger of not having candidates on the ballot in this year’s election.

And Terry LaFleur, who is running to be the Constitution Party’s governor nominee, says he knows who is to blame: Republicans.

LaFleur, who goes by “Dr.” Terry LaFleur because he has a law degree, is accusing Republicans of intentionally meddling with the party, which has fewer than 500 members, because the party does not want him on the ballot against Republican nominee Kristi Noem.

“If I can get on the ballot, I can beat Kristi Noem, and I can beat (Democratic nominee) Billie Sutton. Hands down. I can guarantee it,” LaFleur said.

But his chance of getting on the ballot is in jeopardy. The original convention for the Constitution Party dissolved last month into warring factions, and the party did not nominate candidates.

Now two factions are set to have dueling conventions in Pierre on Aug. 14, the last day they can hold a convention to nominate candidates. The South Dakota Republican Party, meanwhile, has filed a court action challenging the legitimacy of any candidates that do come out of the process. A hearing on that is scheduled on Aug. 16...

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