Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Portland Tribune Editorial: IPO Must Prove Viability

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"You have to give the leaders of the Independent Party of Oregon credit for being clever.

For starters, they long ago chose a name destined to swell their organization's ranks. People wanting to declare their independence from political parties, but unaware that the way to do that in Oregon is by signing up as a "non-affiliated voter," have registered instead for the Independent Party.

That savvy move is likely partly responsible for the party's registration inching past 5 percent of the electorate in 2015, thereby establishing the IPO as a "major party" in Oregon for 2016. Although registration dropped below 5 percent this year, lawmakers agreed to let the IPO remain a major party for the 2018 election cycle, because of the impact Oregon's landmark "Motor Voter" automatic voter registration had on the IPO." 

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