Friday, July 6, 2018

Ohio Libertarian Party Turns in 102,762 Signatures to Regain Party Status

Ballot Access News

On July 2, the Ohio Libertarian Party submitted 102,762 signatures to regain its party status, which was lost in 2014 when the party failed to poll 2% for Governor in 2014. It wasn’t possible for the party to meet the vote test for Governor in 2014, because even though it was a qualified party in 2014, its candidate for Governor was challenged off the Ohio Libertarian primary ballot, and by the time that happened, it was too late to recruit anyone else to run for Governor, or even to file as a write-in in the primary. 

Now, assuming the petition is approved, the party will need to poll 3% for Governor in November 2018 (the vote test was easier in 2014 than it is now). The legal requirement for the party petition this year is 54,965 signatures. The Green Party is already on the 2018 Ohio ballot, because it did poll over 2% for Governor in 2014.

The 2016 Ohio Libertarian Party obtained more signatures than any other petition for party status, or independent candidate status, in any state, for any group, since 2012, when Americans Elect also did some massive petition drives.

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