Friday, July 6, 2018

Libertarian convention breaks fundraising records, elects new officers

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2018 Libertarian National Convention delegates
The recently concluded Libertarian National Convention, held in New Orleans, set attendance and fundraising records. Preliminary figures indicate that this year’s convention may have surpassed the 2016 presidential nominating convention in both attendance and fundraising. Delegates elected a new slate of party officers, including reelecting Nicholas Sarwark to an unprecedented third consecutive term as chair of the Libertarian National Committee.
Alex Merced was elected on the third ballot to be the new vice chair, with 51 percent of the votes. Merced campaigned actively as a “unity” candidate, and received the endorsement of New York’s Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe. LP Indiana Chair Joe Hauptmann came in second, with 29 percent of the third ballot vote. Incumbent Vice Chair Arvin Vohra placed third with 10 percent. Shortly after the results were announced, Vohra announced he would seek the Libertarian nomination for president in 2020.
LNC Region 1 Representative Caryn Ann Harlos was elected to be the new LNC secretary, with 57 percent of the vote. She ran an active campaign for the position, attending many state LP conventions. She is also chair of the Historical Preservation Committee and has held dozens of positions in the Colorado Libertarian Party, and the Douglas County LP, and the Libertarian Radical Caucus. She received 57% of the vote. Incumbent Secretary Alicia Mattson placed second, with 36 percent of the vote, and went on to run for an at-large seat on the LNC, which she won. Jeff Wood received 6 percent...

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