Thursday, June 28, 2018

Terry Hayes, Independent Candidate for Maine Governor, Prevails on Ability to Hand Out Campaign Literature at the Polls on Primary Day

Ballot Access News

Terry Hayes is a strong independent candidate for Governor of Maine. She filed a lawsuit on May 26 in state court, seeking a ruling that her supporters are permitted to hand out campaign literature at the polls on primary day, June 12. The Secretary of State had said such activity is not permitted, but she argued that the restriction on campaign activity at the polls only applies to candidates who are on the primary ballot. She was not on the primary ballot, because independent candidates in Maine, as in 46 other states, have nothing to do with the primary.
At the hearing, the Secretary of State backed away from his earlier stance, and said he didn’t really know whether Hayes supporters could be at the polls or not. So, the judge dismissed the case because it appeared there was nothing to resolve. The case had been Hayes v Dunlap, Kennebec County Superior Court, AP-18-26. Hayes supporters did then appear at the polls around the state on June 12.

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