Saturday, June 23, 2018 'George Will: Bill Weld, and Maybe the Libertarian Party, Are 'Ready for Prime Time'

Bill Weld
by Matt Welch, 
Two years ago, conservative commentator George Will left the Republican Party over Donald Trump. Today, Will hinted strongly that he will give preference to the Libertarian Party if it endorses Bill Weld.
"Can this libertarian restore conservatism?" asked the headline on Will's Washington Post column. (The erudite Cubs fan is frequently described as the most syndicated newspaper columnist in the country, so these words will be relayed from coast to coast.)
Will's basic argument: Weld embodies "what a broad swath of Americans say they favor: limited government, fiscal responsibility, free trade, the rule of law, entitlement realism and other artifacts from the Republican wreckage." Therefore, "If in autumn 2020 voters face a second consecutive repulsive choice, there will be running room between the two deplorables. 
Because of its 2016 efforts, the Libertarian Party will automatically be on 39 states' ballots this fall and has a sufficient infantry of volunteers to secure ballot access in another nine. So, if the Libertarian Party is willing, 2020's politics could have an ingredient recently missing from presidential politics: fun. And maybe a serious disruption of the party duopoly that increasing millions find annoying. Stranger things have happened, as a glance across Lafayette Square confirms." 
This positive publicity for the L.P. does not arrive without a couple of elbows. The party "sometimes is too interested in merely sending a message (liberty is good)," Will writes, and maybe the 2016 ticket should have been switched: "Gary Johnson...was too interested in marijuana and not interested enough in Syria to recognize the name Aleppo. Weld, however, is ready for prime time.".. 
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