Saturday, June 30, 2018

Primary Write-in Tally in California Shows that Laura Wells, Green Party Congressional Candidate, Will be on General Election Ballot

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Enough write-in returns from the June 5 California primary have now been tallied to reveal that Laura Wells, a Green Party activist, came in second in the U.S. House race, 13th district, in Alameda County. See this story. The only name on the June 5 ballot in this district was Democratic incumbent Barbara Lee, so it was inevitable that whoever got the most write-in votes in the race would place second and appear on the November ballot.
In 2014 and 2016, a Republican filed against Congresswoman Lee, so it wasn’t possible for a minor party member to come in second.
There will be three Greens on the November ballot for U.S. House in California this year. All placed second because, in each case, only one Democrat, and no Republican, filed to be on the ballot. This will be the first time any Greens have been on the November ballot for a California U.S. House race since the top-two system started. There were no minor party candidates in November 2016 or November 2012 for U.S. House in California. In 2014 there was one Peace & Freedom Party member.

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