Saturday, June 23, 2018

North Carolina State Board of Elections Removes Three Constitution Party Nominees from November Ballot

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On June 21, the North Carolina State Board of Elections removed three Constitution Party nominees from the ballot, because they had run in major party primaries for the same office in May. Two are running for county office, and one for the State House of Representatives. Two had run and lost Republican primaries, and one had lost a Democratic primary.
Rick Hasen’s election law blog has a copy of the letter from the State Board, and Hasen also added commentary that the action was brazen and perhaps without precedent. This is because when the party nominated the candidates on June 16, there was no “sore loser” law affecting minor party candidates. The law forbidding such candidacies didn’t exist until June 20, the day the legislature overrode the Governor’s veto of SB 486.
The party will sue to restore ballot position for these three nominees.
The North Carolina Green Party, the other party that nominates by convention, will hold its nominating convention June 23.

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