Wednesday, June 20, 2018

North Carolina Senate Overrides Gubernatorial Veto of Bill that Imposes “Sore Loser” Law

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On June 19, the North Carolina Senate overrode the gubernatorial veto of SB 486. The bill, which the Governor had vetoed on June 15, prevents new parties from nominating anyone who had earlier that year lost a primary for the same office.
The House will vote on the override on Wednesday, June 20.
In the meantime, the Constitution Party held its nominating convention on June 16 and nominated ten candidates, including three individuals who had lost major primaries for the same office in May. One candidate had run for a legislative seat, and two for county partisan office. Because the Constitution Party nominated these individuals at a time when there was no sore loser law, under due process tradition, they ought to be allowed to be Constitution Party nominees this year. However, the State Board of Elections is unwilling to say whether they will be allowed to run.

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