Saturday, June 2, 2018

New California Registration Data

Ballot Access News

On June 1, the California Secretary of State released a new registration tally, as of May 21. This will be the last California tally until October. The only categories that increased their registration are independents, Libertarians, and the ranks of voters who have never made a choice about party or independent membership.
The new percentages are: Democratic 44.36%; independent 25.51%; Republican 25.07%; American Independent 2.65%; Libertarian.745%; Green .475%; Peace & Freedom .391%; unqualified parties .60%; unknown .20%.
The previous percentages, from April 2018, were: Democratic 44.58%; Republican 25.27%; independent 25.11%; American Independent 2.66%; Libertarian .740%; Green .480%; Peace & Freedom .392%; unqualified parties .61%; unknown .15%.

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