Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Massachusetts Libertarian Party Completes a Statewide Primary Petition for First Time Since 2002

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Massachusetts, Maine, and Arizona are the three states in which it is extremely difficult for a member of a small qualified party to get on his or her party’s primary ballot. In all three states, qualified parties must nominate by primary.
Last month, the Massachusetts Libertarian Party successfully placed Daniel Fishman on the Libertarian primary ballot for State Auditor. This is the first time the party has been able to complete a statewide primary petition since 2002. The number of signatures for the more important statewide offices is 10,000; for the lesser statewide offices, including Auditor, 5,000. Only members of the party and independent voters may sign primary petitions.
It is extremely likely that Fishman will poll at least 3% of the November 2018 vote, and if he does, that will retain the party’s qualified status during 2020, and the party will have its own 2020 presidential primary. Unlike other office, it is easy for presidential candidates to get on a presidential primary ballot in Massachusetts. The last Libertarian presidential primary in Massachusetts was in 2004. It was won by Gary Nolan.

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