Saturday, June 30, 2018

IPR: 'Rebel GOP activists launch drive to draft Libertarians Larry Sharpe and Andrew Hollister'

Larry Sharpe & Andrew Hollister
Independent Political Report
From News Growl: 
News Growl has learned aproximately 100 county-level Republican activists in the New York GOP are launching an unauthorized bid today to draft the Libertarian gubernatorial ticket, Larry Sharpe and Andrew Hollister, as candidates in the September 12th Republican primary. 
The Sharpe/Hollister campaign insists the effort is not their idea, nor are they actively seeking the Republican ballot line themselves. They are happy, however, for Republican activists to campaign for the Libertarians in their primary if that is their choice. 
The Sharpe Hollister campaign began spontaneously receiving dozens of emails from discontented Rebublicans starting on June 14th, asking how they could help Larry Sharpe enter the GOP primary. Several emails refer to informal organizing taking place among activists on Facebook. 
Each time an email was received, Sharpe communications director Lauren McKinnon made it clear that while the Libertarian candidates might be willing to appear on the Republican primary ballot, any effort to draft Larry Sharpe and Andrew Hollister would need to be the result of a spontaneous, grassroots effort from Republicans...
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