Saturday, June 30, 2018

IPR: 'Green Party Candidates Speak Out Against SCOTUS Rulings'

Jennifer Kurland
Independent Political Report

Michigan Green Party gubernatorial candidate, Jennifer V. Kurland (Redford, MI), expressed dismay Wednesday over several key rulings handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States. Kurland said the decisions are among the worst ever made by the Court and reflect the opinions of the conservative ideologues who make up the majority.
“By ruling that anti-abortion health clinics have no obligation to fully inform women of their legal healthcare options, the majority on the Court have placed so-called free speech of the clinics over a woman’s right to know,” Kurland said. “Healthcare for women, most notably women of color, in our country is woefully insufficient and the maternal death rate in our country is already one of the highest among first world countries.”
The Court also delivered a devastating blow to collective bargaining in a ruling that allows non-union employees to receive the benefits of union contract negotiations without being required to pay union dues. Kurland pointed out this attack on collective bargaining hits workers in Michigan especially hard.
“Unions in Michigan have a long and rich history of advancing workers’ rights and workplace safety in our country. Incredibly, the Court has determined that workers will have to fend for themselves when faced with unsafe working conditions,” Kurland said, adding, “This ruling unleashes corporations to pursue record profits even more aggressively off the backs of workers through reduced wages and critical benefits such as healthcare, family leave, pensions, and paid time off.”..
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