Saturday, June 9, 2018

California Libertarian Jeff Hewitt Places Second in Race for Riverside County Supervisor, Qualifies for Run-Off

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California uses non-partisan elections for County Supervisor. On June 5, Riverside County, California, held an election for an open seat in district five. Libertarian member Jeff Hewitt placed second, from a field of five candidates. The results can be seen here, and are constantly changing as more votes are counted. As of Saturday morning, June 9, the results were: Russ Bogh 10,414; Hewitt 9,343; Jaime L. Hurtado 7,619; Patricia Vargas Sanchez 5,420; Altie Holcomb 4,139.

Hewitt is Mayor of Calimesa. Bogh is a former Republican Assembly member. The largest city in the district is Moreno Valley, which some years ago had a Libertarian Mayor. Because no one got 50%, Hewitt and Bogh will be in a run-off in November.

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